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What are the contents of the anatomical snuffbox?

The radial artery (runs across the floor), a branch of the radial nerve (runs along the roof) and the cephalic vein


What are the five borders of the anatomical snuffbox?

Medial - extensor pollicis longus
Lateral - extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus
Proximal - styloid process of the radius
Roof - Skin
Floor - Scaphoid and trapezium


What happens in a fracture of the scaphoid?

Most commonly fractured carpal bone
FOOSH: hyperextension and radial deviation of the wrist
65% waist fractures, 25% proximal, 10% distal
Pain over the anatomical snuff box and base of thumb


What are the appropriate investigations and management options in scaphoid fractures?

Imaging: X-RAY AP, lateral and scaphoid views
May not be visible initially - re X-ray at 2 weeks
Management options:
Non-operative: thumb spica cast immobilisation for stable non-displaced or if high clinical suspicion
Operative: ORIF vs percutaneous screw fixation


What are complications of scaphoid fractures?

Avascular necrosis due to the interruption in the distal to proximal blood supply - proximal fractures take much longer to heal
Scaphoid malunion - bone graft indicated if 'humpback scaphoid'
Late: arthritis - especially if the articular is involved