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What vessel sits below quadratus femoris?

Medial femoral circumflex artery ascending branch (posterosuperior and posteroinferior retinacular) lateral epiphyseal branch most important This is most at risk with posterior approach to acetabulum


What nerve is most damaged w Primary THA?

Peroneal division of sciatic, more lateral.


What is the only muscle supplied by peroneal division above fibular head?

Short head of biceps femoris


What is POPS IQ?

Lateral to medial nerves exiting below piriformis


Nerve to obturator internus

Posterior femoral cutaneous


Inferior gluteal nerve

Nerve to quadratus femoris


What nerve is at risk during percutaneous iliosacral screw placement?

L5 nerve root


Which two nerves leave the greater and return via the lesser sciatic notch?

Pudendal, nerve to obturator internus


Femoral triangle borders? Contents?

  • Sartorius (lat)
  • pectineus (med)
  • inguinal ligament (sup)
  • Floor is the iliacus, psoas, pectineus, adductor longus
  • Contents: Fem nerve, art, vein, lymphatics


What spine condition manifests as hip pain? Why?

Potts disease - tuberculosis spondylitis

Illiopsoas comes off the lumbar spine


Obturator nerve splits into anterior and posterior divisions. What do they supply? When can they be injured by a retractor?

Ant - obturator externus, pectineus, adductor longus, brevis, gracilis, sensation to medial thigh Post - obturator externus, adductor brevis, upper part of adductor Magnus Retractor placed behind TAL


Aorta divides into common iliac arteries at what lumbar vertebrae?




Internal Iliac branches? What one is at risk w anterior inferior acetabular screw insertion?


(I Love Going Places In My Very Own Underwear)

I: iliolumbar artery
L: lateral sacral artery
G: gluteal (superior and inferior) arteries
P: (internal) pudendal artery
I: inferior vesicle (uterine in females) artery
M: middle rectal artery
V: vaginal artery
O: obturator artery
U: umbilical artery

At risk in antero-inferior screw placement: Obturator nerve, artery, vein



What's the corona mortis?

Anastomosis of inferior epigastric branch of external iliac and obturator vessels n obturator canal


External iliac continues as femoral artery. What quadrant of screws puts it at risk?

Anterior superior


Cruciate Anastomosis is made up of?

Ascending branch of first perforating, descending branch of inferior gluteal artery, transverse branch of the medial and lateral circumflex femoral Lies at inferior border of quadratus femoris


Quadrangular space borders?

Medial: long head of triceps Lateral: humeral shaft Superior: teres minor Inferior: teres major


Quadrangular space contents:

Axillary nerve Posterior humeral circumflex


Triangular space borders?

Inferior: teres major Lateral: long head of triceps Superior: lower border of teres minor


Triangular space content?

Scapular circumflex artery


Triangular interval borders?

Superior: teres major Lateral: lateral head of triceps or humerus Medial: long head of triceps


Triangular interval contents?

Profunda brachii artery, radial nerve


Posterior lateral corner of knee structures?

APPPLL Arcuate ligament, Popliteus, Posterolateral capsule, LCL, Popliteofibular ligament, Lateral head of gastrocnemius


Name the 3 primary and secondary stabilizers of the elbow.

Primary: 1. Ulnohumeral joint 2. MCL 3. LCL Secondary: 1. Radial head 2. Joint capsule 3. The common flexor and extensor origins


Median Nerve sites of compression?

Supracondylar process and ligament of struthers

Lacertus Fibrosis

Pronator teres: Pronator Syndrome

Subliminus Bridge


AIN sites of compression?

Pronator teres FDS ABerrrant vesels Accessory muscles: Gantzer's accessory FPL muscle


What is the Martin-Gruber Anastomosis?

Axons leaving median nerve or ain to join ulnar nerve


Ulnar nerve compression sites? 10!

Ligament of struthers (edit: I don't think this is one - median nerve?) Medial intermuscular septum Arcade of struthers Hypertrophied medial triceps muscle Cubital tunnel Arcuate ligament of Osborne Two heads of FCU Anconeus epitrochlearis Ligament of Spinner (aponeurosis between FDS and FCU) Deep flexor pronator aponeurosis


What is the interval deep and superficial for the Volar henry approach?

Superficial - BR (radial) and PT (median) - Proximally - BR (radial) and FCR (median) - Distally Deep - Supinator, FDS, FDP, Pronator Quadratus Danges - PIN, Superficial radial nerve, Radial A


What is the internervous plane of the Thomson approach?

Extension of Kaplan - posterior approach Between ECRB (radial nerve) and EDC (PIN)


Name 5 ligamentous components of the ankle syndesmosis.

AIFTL, PITFL, IOL, IOM, Inferior transverse ligament - distal part of PITFL


Which accessory bone is located posterior to the talus? Which tubercle of the posterior process of the talus is this associated with?

Os trigonum - lateral tubercle