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What does Angela want to bring up to "Italy"?

the picture of the pope


What rhetorical strategy does the first paragraph express?

juxtaposition because he is adding humor to a sad situation


Why do Malachy and Frankie want to try and make sure Angela sleeps in?

they dont want to go to school


Why wont the grandmother help the children?

because Malachy is a northern man who doesnt care about his family, and has a presbyterian look about him.


What is the temptation of Frankie while running through the streets of Limerick to go talk to Kathleen O'Connell in her shop?

seeing all of the food, drink, and seemingly perfect dinners in the window of each house is making his mouth water.


How does Frankie get the lemonade?

he steals it from the sidewalk when a van leaves beer and lemonade outside


How does Frankie get the bread?

he steals it from the van while the driver is in Kathleen O'Connell's shop


What kind of story does Frankie tell his brothers about the bread and lemonade?

he tells a crazy story about being chased by shop owners and having to run into a church.


What does Malachy Jr and Michael think of the story?

Malachy Jr. says that it was what Robin Hood would have done. Michael says that Frankie is an outlaw and will be hung.


Why does Michael say he doesnt want Alphie to die or Frankie to be hung?

he would be left with only one brother while everyone else has so many


What does Frankie think about when he is in bed?

jam to put on bread


What does Frankie do when he goes out to find more food?

he steals a basket of food from a doorstep.


What does Angela say when she is in bed?

she starts grieving about her lost daughter and sons.


What do the boys plan to do and use alphie for?

they plan to go from door to door asking for turf and wood, and they would use alphie as a cuteness factor


How do the boys start getting the wood?

Michael is the distraction while Frankie and Malachy Jr. break into the yard and steal turf and wood and throw it into the pram


what happens when Frankie hits alphie with turf and coal?

Alphie starts to cry and Malachy Jr and Frankie have to take him back to the house, leaving Michael at the rich person's house to fend for himself


How does one rich woman act towards michael>

she invites him into her house, and she has guilt and will probably offer his family help


What does the Guard say when he sees the family in shambles?

he says that their living conditions are a desperate situation


What do Gram and Aunt Aggie do when they get to their house?

they call Frankie filthy and get very angry


How does the Guard react when Michael tells him what they have done to get food?

he finds it funny and calls them desperados


Where will the boys be living while Angela is in the hospital with pneumonia?

aunt aggie's


What happens when Aunt Aggie tells frankie to get their clothes?

he tells her that they are wearing their only clothes and aunt aggie just stops and stares.


What does Frankie express while just entering Aunt Aggie's kitchen?

he expresses that they dont know what to do when they enter a house. he is scared to make a move or talk for fear of being yelled at


What does Frankie being scared in the Kitchen show about him?

it shows he is respectful


What would the boys be laughing at?

Aunt Aggie peeing


What does Aunt aggie make the boys do before they stay in the house?

go outside and wash themselves


How does Pa Keating accept the boys?

he jokes with them and when he gets his dinner he gives them bits of tomatoes and ham


How is Aunt Aggie treating the boys?

she is good to them, and yet she is very harsh in punishment to them


Why does aunt aggie want the boys up early?

it is ash wednesday and she wants them to go pray for their mother


What does Frabkie want to be when he grows up?

a jesuit


Why does Michael get upset at the mass?

malachy jr and frankie tell him he cant get ashes because he isnt confirmed


What is Frankie afraid to express to Aunt Aggie?

he is afraid to express anything the shows he is less than her because she will get mad.


Why does Frankie not understand why his aunt is so cranky?

she has everything she needs and more


What does Pa keating say about hands?

he gives a life lesson about how hands are the dirtiest things and the only people to trust are those that wipe with one hand and eat with another.


How does Pa Keating stop Alphie from crying?

he asks him if he wants to suck on his nipple


How does Frankie plan to get away from aunt aggie?

he plans to get sick and go to the hospital, so he stands outside in the cold for a long time.


What do the brothers do for fun while staying at aunt aggies?

they go to the field, drink cows milk from the cow, and they make a fire at their old house


Who runs away after being hit by aunt aggie?

malachy jr


Who is at the door?



How does aunt aggie react to malachy?

she makes him breakfast and buys him beer because she wants the children out.


What is the character change is Malachy?

he is much more helpful and wants to go back to work.


What does Frankie do when his father starts to leave again?

he follows him


What comes in the mail a week after Malachy goes back to England?

a check from his work


Does malachy send money every week after that?



What do the boys receive when they accidently send alphie flying into a bar?

they get lemonade and sweets


What does Frankie see his mother doing?



why does his mother begging upset frankie?

he knows that this is the lowest form of economy and realizes how bad the situation really is