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Define SCM

Supply Chain Management


What are 5 key developments in logistics and SCM?

1. reduced transport intensity of freight
2. falling product prices
3. deregulation of transport
4. productivity improvements (turkeys)
5. emphasis on inventory reduction


Define logistics

involves getting, in the right way, the right product, in the right quantity and the right quality, in the right place at the right time, for the right customer at the right cost


Define supply chain

the network of organisations that are involved, through upstream and downstream linkages in the different processes and activities that produce value in the form of products and services in the hands of the ultimate consumer


Define supply chain managment (SCM)

the management across a network of upstream and downstream organisations of material, information and resource flows that lead to the creation of value in the form of products and/or services


What is upstream in the integrated supply chain?

suppliers > manufacturing etc


What is downstream in the integrated supply chain?

consumers> retailers etc


Define lean production

eliminating waste in a pull based value stream of activites with level production (i.e. even production runs with neither idle time nor surges in demand) and just-in0time inventory management


What are the principles of lean consumption?

- solve customer's problem completely
- don't waste the customer's time
- provide exactly what the customer wants
- provide what's wanted exactly where its wanted
- provide what's wanted where its wanted exactly when its wanted
- continually aggregate solutions to reduce the customer's time and hassle


What is the agile supply chain?

- it is a demand-pull chain designed to cope with volatile demand
- structured to allow max flexibility
- enabled by mass customisation
- often incorporates postponed production


What is mass customisation?

= different product configurations contain a majority of shared components and features to incorporate volume and variety
- enabled by postponement


What is postponement in terms of customisation?

- the reconfiguration of a product and process design so as to allow postponement of final product customisation as far downstream as possible
- not only applied to manufacturing
- e.g.packaging postponement is merely delaying final packaging of products until customer orders are received.


What can increased trade opportunities lead to with food industry?

- disease
- dead /injured livestock


How do DEFRA facilitate trade and export while protecting animal health?

- EU and national legislation to set strict control on imports
- adhering to international veterinary standards and processes
- negotiating with non-EU countries so that the UK can export to them
- providing guidance and information to businesses and the agencies who enforce the laws and enable exports
- implementing the action plan to increase exports int eh UK farming/food/drink sectors


Define counterfeit

made in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud.


What is the problem in pharmaceuticals?

- counterfeit drugs generated an estimated US$75billion in revenue in 2010
- the growing market in animal health products is exacerbating the problem (US$22 billion)
- solution = 'track-and-trace' technology where products ID within supply chain, authenticity confirmed and affirm pedigree through sales channels

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