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What was the name of the psychologist who carried out the research on imprinting in goslings?



Describe the Lorenz study

One group of geese eggs were hatched by the mother whilst the other group was placed in an incubator. When the incubator eggs hatched, Lorenz was the first moving object they saw. These goslings were returned back to their natural mother.


What were the findings of Lorenz' study?

The incubator goslings imprinted on Lorenz and followed him around. The mother-hatching group followed their natural mother.


What do the findings of Lorenz' study suggest?

Attachment is innate
Imprinting is irreversible


What application does the imprinting study have?

Zoos can use this knowledge to prevent animals from imprinting on humans, by dressing the humans in disguise. This allows the animal to integrate with its own kind as soon as possible and remain wary of humans.


What is a weakness of using animals for research?

Animals are physically different to humans. It is therefore difficult to now if animal studies do truly reflect human behaviour


What is the name of the psychologist who look at attachment in monkeys?



Describe Harlow's experiment

Monkeys were placed in a cage with 2 mothers: soft cloth mother, and one made of wire with food
Harlow measured the amount of time the monkeys spent with each mother.


What were the findings of Harlow's research?

Monkeys spent most of their time with the cloth mum, suggesting that caregiver sensitivity/comfort is important for attachment.


What application could Harlow's research encourage?

Improving infant care, ensuring they receive plenty of contact comfort and love.


What are the ethical issues associated with Harlow's research?

There is no protection from harm. The monkeys never fully recovered and had problems socialising with peers.


What is a limitation of Harlow's research?

The monkeys may have had a preference over head so could lack internal validity.