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What is the most common defect of the coronary arteries?

Left main from the PA.


What happens when the left main comes off the PA?

Venous blood enters the left main and causes venous and arterial mixing. It is not compatible because the myocardium requires lots of O2.


What happens if the left main is between the AO and PA?

It will get pinched and can cause coronary spasm.


How can they correct left main coronary attachment to the PA?

They will extract the left main from the PA and attach it to the AO. Dependent on its size, it may have to be tunneled to the AO with a graft.


What is a less serious coronary artery defect?

The left main arising from the right coronary artery. It may not be detected until Pt experiences an MI. It can also be pinched between the AO and PA causing spasm and possibly VTach and sudden death.


Name one other possible coronary artery defect.

Right coronary off of left main coronary. There is no surgical intervention for this defect. It will not get detected unless Pt develops coronary artery disease. If it is positioned incorrectly it can become an issue.


What is Kawasaki's?

It is a childhood inflammatory disease that typically affects children under the age of 5.


True or False: Kawasaki's can affect any artery in the body.

True; it may or may not do damage but it can lead to vasculitis or endocarditis.


What Sx's will a PT with Kawasaki's have?

- Rash
- Peeling fingers and toes
- Pink eyes
- Patchy skin


How does inflammation affect the vessels?

The vessels will become irregular and enlarged. Can become tortuous, aneurysmal, and can even rupture. Pt can develop thrombus and have an MI.


What is the treatment for Kawasaki's?

Children will be given high doses of aspirin and anti inflammatory to decrease fever and inflammation. These children will be evaluated until adulthood.


When might a child with Kawasaki's need surgery?

If their coronaries are affected; they will have grafts put in.