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Non-Intrusively Maps Permissions and Monitors activity across a wide array of platforms

Captures, aggregates, normalizes, and analyzes data access events across platforms.

Bi-Directional View into permissions...complete audit trail

Commit Engine allowing to model changes and potential impact

Monitors File Activity & user behavior, prevents breaches, and makes permissions management a breeze



Detects suspicious activity across and prevents data breaches across platforms.

Advanced behavior analytics, visualized risk, prioritizes investigation

Profiles users & behaviors w/r/t systems and data. Detects and alerts on meaningful deviations to baseline

Web based dashboard & investigative interface


Data Classification Framework

Discovers where sensitive information is vulnerable so it can be safely locked down with no business impact

Identifies and tags data based on criteria in multiple metadata dimensions.

Provides business and IT with actionable intelligence about data.


Automation Engine

Discovers undetected security gaps and automatically repairs them.

Fixing high-security vulnerabilities like inconsistent ACLs and global access to sensitive data

Automatically repairs and maintains files systems so less vulnerable to attacks, more compliant, and enforcing least privilege model



Data Access Governance that works.

Give business users the power to review/manage permissions without IT assistance and automatically enforce business rules.

Self-Service web portal allows users to request access, and enables data owners to grant access w/o IT.

Automates entitlement reviews reduces IT burden, make better access control decisions


Data Transport Engine

Automatically finds, moves, archives, or deletes data based on content type/age/access activity/more.

Makes it easy to migrate data cross-domain or cross-platform, while keeping permissions intact.

Makes archiving, disposition, and migration painless using rules to automatically migrate, archive, or delete files.



Enterprise Search & Discovery solution: delivering relevant search results to the right people without exposing sensitive information.

Understands relationship between users and content, building search results with more than just keyword matching.

Intelligent search engine that understands concept and context using metadata and contextual signals to produce better results



Cloud-enables your existing file shares without moving your data or changing IT infrastructure -- Secure Dropbox alternative.

Enables file sync & mobile access to TB of file share data that lives behind your firewall without the need for a VPN or reconfiguring permissions.

Collaborate on the fly without jeopardizing your security