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What is the purpose of an area canvas?

Identify witnesses to the movements of the offender before and after the offence occurred, as well as witnesses to the actual offence


What are the responsibilities of the OC Area Canvas?

- reports to the OC Investigation
- together they make sure the canvas is conducted thorougly and recorded accurately
- OC Area Canvas must ensure the canvas team remains focussed and the canvas results in an efficient use of resources and the return of relevant and manageable information and material


What are the main objectives of an area canvas?

- ID the offender
- ID and locate evidence
- ID witnesses
- Gather information


What are the other benefits of an area canvas?

- sightings of victim/offender before/after the incident
- sightings of relevant property/vehicle
- sightings of potential witnesses
- obtaining an accurate record of the local community


What is involved in an area canvas reconnaissance?

OC Investigation, OC Area Canvas, OC Suspects should attend the external/general scene as soon as practicable to make a reconnaissance of the area and conduct an appreciation, set the parameters and objectives of the canvas


What should an area canvas strategy address?

- area canvas objectives
- location parameters
- time parameters
- risk assessment
- ID suspects / POIs
- ID witnesses
- resources
- use of questionnaires


Relevant locations which may influence the setting of location parameters include:

- scenes
- premises within line of sight of scenes
- area where an offender may have lain in wait
- location where the victim was last seen alive
- locations or premises frequented by the victim


Risk assessment - once location parameters are set, intelligence systems should be analysed to establish whether there are any people or events in the area which those people carrying out enquiries in the area should be aware of, including:

- violent offenders
- persons wanted by Police for other crimes or wanted on warrant
- groups with particular linguistic or cultural needs
- local incidents or issues which residents may raise with police


Witnesses in an area canvass may include people who have witnessed:

- Events connected to an incident under investigation
- Sightings of the victim/offender before/after the event
- Sightings of other potential witnesses
- Sightings of relevant property or vehicles


What are the key points for a team briefing? x8

1) Summarise the situation
2) Emphasise the need for thoroughness
3) Stress the questionnaire is only a guide and is flexible
4) Evidence of probative value must go onto a FWS with questionnaire endorsed
5) Consider visiting every address then reconcile those with a map
6) Ensure all forms are completed
7) Reconcile completed forms with the master copy to avoid duplication
8) Advise staff on duties:
- if ID suspect
- locate evidence
- individuals who refuse to assist
- how to compete correspondence flow
- what info can be disclosed
- what info must not be disclosed


How is area canvas progress monitored?

As each household is completed, the OC Area Canvas should shade in a map to maintain a quick, up to date record

In addition, the OC Area Canvas should continually review area canvas forms as they are submitted, in order to:
- evaluate the quality of completed work and provide quality assurance
- ID lines of enquiry to be highlighted to the 2IC
- monitor ongoing progress of the canvas
- facilitate a detailed recording of progress


Points to consider that may be of benefit to an area canvas:

USE OF EXPERTS - diverse ethnic culture


LEAFLETS - people may be initially reluctant to provide officers with information

To complement door to door enquiries
- media
- poster campaign
- maildrop
- high profile Police presence using a caravan


After an area canvas - debriefing may include:

- key locations where door to door enquiries have been undertaken
- who has been spoken to at what address
- whether witness interviews have been conducted and/or statements taken for persons providing evidence
- ID of any suspects
- Details of premises where there was no response


What should the final report include?

At the conclusion of the area canvass, the phase OC must submit a report to the OC Investigation that includes:
- summary of all action taken
- any significant findings