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What are the three branches of the Brachial Artery

Deep brachial (profunda brachi) Artery
Superior Ulnar Collateral Artery
Inferior Ulnar Collateral Artery (around the elbow)

NOTE: not the main divisions which are the ulnar and the radial arteries


Where the the Biceps brachii attach?

Radial tuberosity


Where does the brachialis attach?

Ulnar tuberosity


Visualize the coronoid fossa. Where does it sit. What inserts there?

Sits on the anterior side of the humerus and the coronoid of the ulna bone attaches there on the anterior side.


Visualize the olecronon fossa. Where does it sit. What inserts there?

Sits on the posterior side of the humerus. The olecronon of the ulna bone attaches to it.


Visualize the radial fossa. Where does it sit. What inserts there?

On the anterior side of the humerus. The radial bone attaches there.


What ligament insures the biceps ligament is maintained within the intertubercular groove?

transverse humeral ligament.


Where does the brachial artery lie?

The brachial artery runs above the long head of the triceps, corcobrachialis and brachialis, but below the biceps brachii.


What nerve does the main brachial artery run with?

The median nerve under the biceps brachi


What nerve does the deep brachial artery run with?

The radial nerve in the radial groove which is betwen the lateral head and the middle head of the triceps.


Which tricep is considered the work horse

The medial head


What three muscles attach to or originate from the corocoid process

Pectoralis minor
Short head of biceps


What does recurrent mean?

Bloodflow is flowing backwards


What does the Musculocutaneous nerve become?

The lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve


If you loose the musculocutaneous nerve will you get complete loss of flexion?

No because we still have the flexors of the forearm. this is the opposite to what would happen if the radial nerve was damaged because the radial nerve innervates all extensors.


Anterior Interossi Nerve is a branch of what nerve?

Deep branch of median Nerve it supplies the three deep flexors


Posterior Interossi Nerve is a branch of what nerve?

Deep branch of radial Nerve


Interosseous Membrane

Helps us transfer force from the radius to the ulna


Deep Fascia of the Forearm

Antebrachial Fascia
Extensor Retinaculum
Palmar Carpal Ligament
Flexor Retinaculum (aka Carpal Tunnel)


What are the arteries that make the deep palmar arch and superficial palmer arch?

The Radial artery makes the DEEP palmer arch diving in by the thumb

The Ulnar artery makes the SUPERFICIAL palmer arch


What artery does the anterior and posterior interosseous brach from? What is the course?

The Ulnar artery branches into the common interosseous artery which further branches into the posterior and anterior interosseous arteries. These arteries surround the interosseous membrane and anastomose with one another.

Note the Ulnar artery enters the hand with the ulnar nerve through the Canalof Guyon.


Radial artery. Superficial vs Deep.

Deep to the brachioradialis muscles and then becomes superficial in the distal 1/3rd of the arm.


Everything about the ulnar nerve in the forearm

Pierces the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris and supplies 1/2 of the FDP. Continues deep to the FDS and then travels with the ulnar artery. It enters the hand under the palmer carpal ligament int he canal of guyon.


Snuff Box

Created by the Extensor Pollicis Longus and the Extensor Pollicis Brevis. Inside you can find the Radial artery and the Radial nerve