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When and where was Arthur Conan Doyle born?

22 May 1859, Edinburgh


How was his homesituation?

He was raised in a dysfunctional family


What did he study?

He studied medicines at the University of Edinburgh from 1876 till 1881


What did he do after his study?

He opened his own practice, which didn't turn out successfully


When did he start writing fiction?

When he had opened his practice


When did Sherlock Holmes firstly appear?

A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887


How is the 'last' book called of Sherlock Holmes?

The Final Problem, 1893. Readers didn't tolerate this so Arthur Conan Doyle wrote it differently in order to have Sherlock Holmes survive the fall in the waterfall


What did Arthur do when he got depressed?

He began to believe in Spiritism and began to write about elves


When did the book "The Hound of the Baskervilles" take place?

The book was published in 1902, but the time of the story was around 1889, alleged a couple years before the official death of Sherlock


At what time did the story take place?

During the Victorian times


How was society divided?

The upper class, the middle class, the working class and the poor


Give a description of Sherlock Holmes

  • The story’s protagonist
  • He’s a detective who lives in Baker Street in London
  • He is extremely intelligent, imaginative and has a very analytical mind
  • He has several rare habits
  • he plays the violin very badly
  • he smokes tobacco
  • he loves to solve difficult problems.


Give a description of Dr Watson

  • The story’s other protagonist
  • He is the narrator of the story
  • Watson is a good man and he is Holmes his assistant as well as his best friend
  • He has admiration for Holmes’ detective skills
  • Trustable 
  • Observant, but he lacks Holmes’s imagination and analytical ability.


How do you get to know their characteristics?

You get to know the characters’ personallity from the outside, by means of describing certain handlings they make, because the story is told through the mind of Doctor Watson, who describes them in a detailed way.


Name two other works by Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. The Lost World                      (1912)
  2. The Coming of the Fairies     (1921)