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Daily report submitted by BFC to DFC Ops?

Form 126.1 (Personnel Distribution)


Monthly Reports due NLT 3rd day each month?

Form 126, Form 54’s (include 54.4 Medications to expire), Form 180 if language line service used


Quarterly Reports timing?

JAJO Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct with monthly reports


Annual Reports cover what forms and Date due?

Same as monthly due NLT Oct 3 + Form 112 Property inventory by Oct 15+ Special Report “Needs and Recommendations” Oct 3 (Major Repairs)+ Special Report “Winter Needs” Oct 3 (Snow Chains report due Jul 31)


Reports in areas other than operations cover what?

BFC to DFC - Needs and Recommendations for repairs to quarters/equipment (ex TA Form 127)Due 3rd day each month


Who is responsible for reporting knowledge of new streets in box alarm area?

Commanders of Truck Co’s


Who is responsible for endorsing Special Reports?

Everyone up CoC even if it does not require action at their level until it reaches official responsible for action


What reports should be “EXPEDITED”?

Time sensitive or extraordinary in nature, (Disciplinary Action, Mil Leave)


A member may pursue the matter after not receiving a response after how long?

10 days (report should make its way through CoC in one work day)


Who should be notified of the death or serious injury of a member on or off duty?

OUC via phoneIf retired, PIOCivilian, Incident Commander & Police


Order of responsibility for filling out EMS report for injury?

EMS Unit, Rescue Squad, Engine, Truck


Hydrant color band meaning and flow rate?

White – NST 4 ½” ConnectionsBlue: >1500 gpmYellow: 1000-1499 gpmOrange: 500-999 gpmRed:


Who is notified if a hydrant is used that is marked “For Fire Only”?



Requests to visit Quarters are granted by __ , use Form __ to request

BFC, Form 19.2


Age of kids not allowed on apparatus?


Personnel Roster submitted by who, when and who gets an appointment date noted / Asterisk?

BFC/Division heads by 15th of, JAJO, Probationers get appt. date noted, Members who have not performed regular duty assignment for 60 days (military, light duty) get asterisk