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Oller's stages of
prelinguistic, nonreflexive vocalizations

1. phonation (0-1)
2. cooing/gooing (2-4)
3. expansion (4-6)
4. canonical/redup babbling (6-8)
5. variegated/non-redup (8-12)


phonetic placement

teaches or establishes production of a phoneme in isolation,
used when client cant imitate modeled production,
uses combo of verbal instructions & physical guidance


sensory-motor approach

artic therapy approach,
emphasizes the syllable as the basic unit of speech production,
heavily utilizes the concept of phonetic environment


phonological processes
disappearing by 3

1. reduplication
2. weak/unstressed syllable deletion
3. assimilation
4. prevocalic voicing
5. velar fronting
6. final cons deletion
7. diminutization


phonological processes
persisting after 3

1. final cons devoicing
2. cluster reduc
3. stopping
4. epenthesis
5. gliding
6. depalatization
7. vocalization


distinctive feature approach

find underlying patterns & train 1+ sounds in those patterns in hopes that generalization will occur,
uses minimal pairs


Hodson & Paden's
cycles approach

introduce correct patterns,
give limited practice,
move on to other error patterns


Van Riper's approach

focuses on phonetic placement,
auditory discrimination/perceptual training,
drill-like repetition & practice
at increasingly complex motor levels
until target phonemes produced correctly in spontaneous convo


metaphon therapy

designed to enhance metaphonological skills,
used with preschoolers who have mod-severe phonological disorders,
focuses on feature differences to help develop awareness that sounds can be classified by characteristics (place, duration, etc)


motor approaches

focus on remediating motor difficulties & faulty perceptual abilities,
appropriate for several discrete sounds in an error
with physical production difficulties,
includes Van Riper & McDonald approaches


linguistic approaches

attempt to establish phonological rules
& treat underlying patterns or rules
vs discrete phonemes,
appropriate for high unintelligibly children
with assumed differing underlying phonological systems,
includes distinctive features, contrast, & phonological process (Hodson & Paden) approaches,
& metaphon & phonological awareness therapy