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Why is the starting mass always the same as the mass of the products formed?

In chemical reactions, mass is never gained or lost as all of the atoms rearrange amongst each other.


What acid is present in the stomach?

Hydrochloric acid


What compound could cure indigestion caused by this excess acid?

Calcium carbonate


How does an indigestion remedy work when it cures acid indigestion?

The remedy neutralises and excess acid and is able to dissolve it.


What is the name of the reaction when an acid reacts with a base?

Neutralisation reaction.


What is the equation of an acid with a base?

Acid + Base ------ Salt + Water


Acids are neutralised by metal hydroxides to form...

Salt and water only


How can we prepare a dry sample of barium sulfate with barium chloride crystals and sodium sulfate crystals?

Dilute Barium C & Sodium S in water
React equal amounts of Barium C & Sodium S to form precipitate
Filter solute and pat away excess liquid
Bake precipitate in warm oven so Barium S crystals can dry