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What is it ?

Is the disease process that leads to coronary diseases and strokes cardiovascular .Fatty deposits atheroma can either be block an artery directly or increase its chances of being blocked by a blood clot .


What is the first stage ?

Atherosclerosis is damaged by the endothelium of an artery. Damage can also occur from toxins which are found in cigrattetes smoking low density .Low density lipoproteins accumulate in the artery walls


What is the second stage ?

Inflammatory response
After the endothelium has been damaged inflammatory response occurs.

White blood cells leave the blood vessels and move into the artery walls


What is the third stage ?

Build up of LDL cholesterol white blood cells calcium salts, fibres leading to plaques formation Atheroma causes a harder plaques >Causing the narrowing of artery loss of elasticity which restricts blood flow .


What is the fourth stage ?

Raises blood pressure increasing the chance of blood clotting as well as atherosclerosis.


Smoking and Atherosclerosis ?

Cigarette smoke contains many toxic chemicals which can lead to atherosclerosis .The thickness of the blood increases .The thick blood causes fatty deposits to build up on the walls of arteries and increases blood pressure and heart rate which can also cause damage to the endothelium .


Where are the blood vessels lined ?

They are lined with endothelial tissue


Endothelium tissue in blood vessels

They are lined inside of blood vessels it is made up of a single layer of flat ,long cells which care orientated lengthways in the direction of blood flows .Their function is to provide a smooth surface so that blood flows easily over them .


Why do blood clots form?

Blood clots form when there is a damage to tissue if there is damage to an artery and a clot forms this can cause a number of heath related problems .


What are the risk factors which may contribute to Atherosclerosis?

Risk factors :
Excessive drinking of Alcohol
Being overweight
Lack of exercise