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Large padlocks with hardened shackles have been issue to battalions to secure premises Each lock has a Gravoply tag attached to the shackle. Who's phone number is located on the tag?

Borough Dispatchers


Padlocks with tags will be used to secure premises at which no owner or authorized representative is present and PD is not present. These locks shall only be used?

Commercial occupancy
Very Minor fire or emergency
Egress gained with MINIMAL damage
Original hardware or staple is in place
No other damage to the perimeter
Nothing abnormal or unusual apparent about the premises or its contents


Battalions shall carry the lock and keys in the BC car. The 2nd set in the office. Who secures the premises?

A company officer...He should call the dispatcher and have it put on the secured premises list, make a journal entry, and the key should be kept in a secure place on the RIG


When the owner returns the dispatcher will notify you of their return. You should obtain positive ID before you open the lock. If there is any reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person you should summon?



If the company is at an extended operation or relocated who will remove the lock?

The BC will take necessary action


10-19's close firehouses! Sometimes they are unavoidable...What are the responses that can be handled by single units?

Oh Boy Food WOOSI
Outside rubbish (Not inside!)
Food on the stove!!!!
Incinerator,Oil Burner,Odor of smoke,Steam
Sprinkler, Water leak


What special tools were given to all units so they can perform single unit responses and aid in accomplishing required operations?

K tool
Bam Bam tool
Halligan tool


Fires in dumpsters should be flooded and not entered. Bags shall not be touched and hydraulically overhauled. What color bags may be in the dumpster and what is the significance?

Red-Potential infectious material which must be INCINERATED
White-Potential Infectious material which has to be AUTO CLEANED
Black- All OTHER waste