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Albert Bandura

- the media industry can plant ideas in the mind directly
- Audiences acquire attitudes, emotional responses and behaviour through modelling#
- Media representations of transgressive behaviour can lead to imitation. eg bobo doll experiment


George Gerbner

Cultivation Theory; exposure to repeated patterns of media representations over long periods of time can influence the way people perceive the world
- the media reinforces mainstream values


Stuart Hall

Reception theory; communication involves both encoding by producers and decoding by audiences.
- Three ways in audiences 'read' texts
1) Dominant/hegemonic/preferred (accepts intened meanings in the text
2) Negotiated (reader adapts the intended meanings to fit with their values)
3) Oppositional (reader understands the message but disagrees


Henry Jenkins

- Fans are active participants in the construction and circulation of textual images
- Fans read and appropriate texts in ways that are not fully authorised by the media producers (textual poaching)
- Fans construct their social and cultural identities through their consumption of media images


Clay Shirky

- The internet and digital technologies have had a profound effect on the relations between media and individuals
- We can no longer think of audience as 'passive consumers' in the age of the internet, but also as producers that 'speak back' to the media, as well as creating and sharing content with one another.