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How are carbohydrates and fats used by the human body?

Carbohydrates and fats are used by the human body to release energy


How are proteins used by the human body?

Proteins are used by the human body to build cells


How are mineral ions and vitamins used by the human body?

Mineral ions and vitamins are needed in small amounts for healthy functioning of the body


What is meant when a person is malnourished?

A person is malnourished when they have an unbalanced diet


What can happen if you are malnourished?

If a person is malnourished they can become overweight or underweight. They can also develop diseases such as diabetes


What happens to a persons body mass if they take in less energy from their food than their body needs?

If a person takes in less energy from their food their body mass will decrease


How does exercise affect the amount of energy that the body needs?

Exercise increases the amount of energy that the body needs


What is meant by a persons metabolic rate?

Metabolic rate is the rate of all the chemical reactions in the cells of our bodies


How is our body affected by inherited factors?

Inherited factors affect our metabolic rate, they can also affter pur cholesterol level.


What is the effect of exercise on our health?

People who exercise are usually healthier than people who take little or no exercise.


What is meant by pathogen?

Pathogens are microorganisms that cause infectious diseases. Eg bacteria and viruses


How do bacteria and viruses make us ill?

Bacteria and viruses can make us ill by releasing toxins. Viruses can also make us ill by damaging the cells in which they reproduce.


Three ways white blood cells defend us from pathogens

- ingesting pathogens( taking them in and destroying them)

-producing antibodies which destroy specific pathogens

- producing antitoxins which prevent toxins from harming us.


What do medicines such as painkillers do?

Medicines such as painkillers can help to relieve the symptoms of a disease but don't kill pathogens.


How can the use of vaccines protect people who have not been vaccinated?

If enough people have been vaccinated, then the spread of a pathogen is reduced. This helps people who have not been vaccinated.


What do antibiotics do?

Antibiotics cannot kill viruses because viruses live and reproduce inside cells.


Why do antibiotics not kill viruses?

Antibiotics are medicines which kill bacteria. They don't kill viruses