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Explain reasons for conservation programmes(4)

protecting human food supply

ensuring minimal damage to food chains, which may be hard to predict

protecting plants and animals that might be useful for medical use

cultural aspects


Explain reasons for endangered species becoming extinct (3)

if number of individuals falls below critical level, it will be harder to find mates, and resulting in less genetic variation
-less likely to be able to adapt to changes in environment or survive appearance of a new disease

number of suitable habitats falls below critical level makes it hard to find resources like food and shelter


What factors should be considered when evaluating a conservation programme(8)

genetic variation of key species
-enough to survive appearance of new diseases and to cope with change in environment

viability of population
-must have both males and females of reproductive age
-large enough population to prevent inbreeding which reduces genetic variation

plenty of suitable habitats to live in

interaction between species
-like they would in their natural environment(e.g. predators hunting prey)


What commercial values do whales have(1+3)

When alive: tourist attraction

When dead: food, oil and cosmetics


Arguments for and against keeping whales in captivity(1+3)

-captive breeding programmes allow whales to be bred in numbers and released back into wild
-used for entertainment
-used for research
-lack of freedom


Why are whales in captivity used for research? (2)

to help us understand their needs better to help conservation

some aspects of whale biology still not fully understood: communication, migration patterns, survival at extreme depths


Describe issues concerning whaling(2)

difficult to obtain and police and enforce international whaling agreements

some countries are permitted to do it for research


Explain the term sustainable development

providing for the needs of today's increasing population without harming the environment


How can fish stocks and woodland be sustained and developed? (3)

quotas ­- fishing limits to prevent overfishing

re­planting woodland to keep up the supply of trees

education - to avoid overuse and increase recycling; increase awareness


What must we do to maintain sustainable development(3)

protect population size of many species and prevent species from becoming endangered

produce and sue food and energy efficiently

manage waste production carefully to minimise pollution


What does sustainability require

planning and co­operation at local, national and international levels


Describe how sustainable development may protect endangered species

it helps endangered species by considering the impact on their habitats