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What are the (6) categories of fires that are generally permissible and not required to be extinguished?

1. Legitimate cooking fire

2. Legitimate warming fire

3. Recreational fire

4. Portable outdoor fire place

5. Fires with a permit (issued by AFD)

6. Outdoor fires at one- and two-family detached dwellings


A legitimate cooking fire should be kindled in what type of container?

An appliance or structure manufactured or built for the express purpose of cooking meals


A legitimate warming fire should be kindled within the confines of a:

Metal or other non-combustible container


A legitimate warming fire is limited to what type of locations?

Construction site or similar location for employees


A legitimate warming fire must be in an approved container and be at least how far from a structure?

15 feet


The total fuel area of a recreational fire is limited to:

3 feet in diameter and 2 feet or less in height


How far from structures or other combustible materials must recreational fires be?

25 feet


Portable outdoor fire places shall not be within how far of a structure or other combustible material?

15 feet


Who will issue AFD permits for outdoor fires?

AFD Prevention Division


What type of outdoor fires are not covered by fire code?

Outdoor fires at one- and two-family detached dwellings


Which types of fires must be extinguished by AFD (6)?

1. Hazardous fires

2. Unattended fires

3. Fires without extinguishing equipment available

4. BBQ pits on balconies

5. Open burning

6. Fires with legitimate complaints


How far away from a combustible building should BBQ pits at multi-residential occupancies be?

-5 feet measured horizontally from any portion of a combustible building

-15 feet measured from the shortest distance if under a combustible material


The extinguishment of cooking fires in appliances does not apply to:

1. Detached one- and two-family dwellings

2. Electrical cooking appliances


A legitimate complaint is defined as:

A complaint received specifically due to health or safety concerns


What is not a legitimate complaint?

A complaint of smoke odor


A fire with a permit must have the permit:



Who should a landowner contact if they have questions as to why we extinguished the fire?

Emergency Prevention


Who should the Company Officer contact for if response to the same address multiple times?


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