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Conservative movement with the Republican Party that opposd the loveral political and social reforms of the 1960s. This demanded less govt intervention in the economy and a return to traditional values

New Right


American writers, poets, and artists in the 1950s who rejected traditional middle class values and championed nonconformity and sexual experimentation



Supreme court decision that said medical school students could not be admitted by racial quotas, although race could be considered for admission. The decision represented a partail victory for what conseratives thought was reverse discrimination against whites

Bakke v. University of California 1978


A New Right activist who protested against the womens rights movement saying it undermined tradition and the natural gender division of labor. He was representative of the conservative backlash against the changes of the 1960s

Phyllis Schlafly


Referendum in California that slashed loval property taxes. Marked the beginning of a conservative movemnt to cut taxes throughout the nation

Proposition 13 1978


Type of popular music that emerged in the mid 1950s from an early type of music known as rhythm and blues

rock and roll


Richard Nixons plan to bring southerners into the Republican party by appointing white southerners to the Supreme court and resisting the policy of busing to achieve integration

Southern Strategy


Sudden increase in the birth rate that occured in the US after WWII and lasted roughly until 1964

Baby boom


Anti abortion movemnt that favored a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion

Right to Life Movement


Supreme Court ruling that women have an unrestricted right to choode an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy. The ruling caused a conservaitive reaction against what was perceied as activist judges

Roe v. Wade 1973


Scandal in the Nixon administration that began with break in at the Democratic Naitonal Committee headquarters at the Watergate Office Building in DC. President Nixons role in the cover up of justice led to his resignation in 1974

Watergate 1972


Free rock concert in NY that attracted 400,000 becoming an expression of the counterculture

woodstock 1969


Youth movment of the 1960s that rejected the competitiveness and materialism of American society, searching instead for peace, love, and freedom

counterculture (hippies)