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case manager to notify _____ of all results relating to victim notification

officer in charge


If an accused person is presently before the courts in Toronto, the case manager shall inform who and include what in the new brief?

- ensure the case manager at the unit managing the outstanding charge is notified of the new arrest, court date and location
- a notation of the previous charge, court date and form of release


If an accused person is presently before the courts in an outside jurisdiction, the case manager shall inform the agency in what way?

via CPIC of the date, time and location of the bail hearings for the new charges


When seeking a detention order, the case manager shall include what in case a Justice decides a D.O. is not appropriate?

a separate eReport containing the case manager’s recommended release conditions


The case manager should request an adjournment to the bail hearing when there are unfinished aspects of the investigation pertaining to ____ and indicate an
approximate time required to complete the investigation. Under ss. 516(1) of the CC, a Justice may adjourn these proceedings (Form 19) for a maximum of 3 clear days unless the accused person consents to a lengthier adjournment.



If there is an outstanding warrant for the accused person in another jurisdiction, and the agency managing the charges indicates they will return the accused to that jurisdiction what form shall the case manager include in the brief with a copy of that warrant?

TPS 178


Where in the opinion of the case manager/investigator, the victim is believed to be at HEIGHTENED RISK Due to the release of the accused from the court shall ensure

 the TOP section of a TPS 483 is completed and inserted in the Crown Brief
 the outside of the Crown Brief is marked “Victim Notification” to alert Court Services that victim notification is required should the accused meet or be granted bail


if the accused person has access to firearms and other weapons in the course of their employment, can the employer be notified of any release conditions prohibiting access?

the employer is promptly notified of any prohibition order arising from the bail hearing


Bail conditions shall be communicated personally to the victim as close as possible to the time bail is granted and not delayed until the time the accused person is actually released. It is not sufficient to simply leave a message or letter outlining the release conditions at the victim’s address. Can you give a copy of the release conditions to the victim?

The conditions contained on the release documents shall be REPORTED to the victim. However, actual copies
of the release documents are NOT to be given to the victim by the police.


When an accused person has been arrested while on an interim release, the case manager, SHALL commence the revocation of bail process when the ORIGINAL offence is one of the following: (10)
UNLESS if the only condition breached was which?

 murder or attempt murder
 any form of assault including domestic or sexual
 robbery
 extortion
 threatening
 weapons offences
 criminal harassment or intimidation
 mischief to property where there is an attempt to intimidate
 any criminal organization or gang related activity
 drug trafficking including possession for the purpose of trafficking

“to attend court as required”


Who receives and is responsible for when a TPS 483 and release documents via e-mail from Court Services for sexual assault, criminal harassment, a domestic-related case, or any other case as requested by the
case manager arrives at the division?



When the OIC assigns an officer to make the victim notification of bail release and conditions what shall the OIC ensure the officer does first?

ensure the police officer notifying the victim reviews the eReports prior to victim notification


Once completion of any notification of bail conditions to the victim by the case manager, other police officer or themselves where does the OIC forward the release docs and TPS 483?

What if it was just regular release docs and not a sexual assault, criminal harassment, a domestic-related case, or any other case as requested by the case manager?

 forward a copy of the release documents and the completed TPS 483 to the DS
 ensure the release documents and the completed TPS 483 are retained electronically in the designated folder in the Unit’s Shared Drive

Regular release docs go to DS.