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What does Baillgeon argue?

Children develop knowledge of the physical world much earlier that Piaget suggested.


What does baillargeon argue about Piaget?

Infants failed to show understanding of object permanence as they did not have the necessary motor skills to pursue a hidden object.


What did Baillargeon et al 2012 propose?

Infants are born with a physical reasoning system (PRS)

This means they are innately programmed with a basic understanding of the physical world and have the ability to learn about this with ease.


What does violation of expectations test?

Children's knowledge of the physical world, and takes advantage of habituation whereby infants lose interest in repeated stimuli and show more interest in new stimuli


What did baillgeon measure?

Eye movements, heart rate and non-nutritive sucking.


What are the events of VOE

Infants presented with a stimulus until they habituated (look away)

They are then presented with a 2nd stimulus

If the 2nd stimulus is perceived as different from 1st stimulus, or they are surprised, then the infant will dishabituate (pay ore attention/look for longer)


What are the two scenarios that the infant is presented with?

- Expected -consistent
with knowledge of
Physical world.
-Unexpected - inconsistent with
knowledge of the physical world.

If a child understands the existence of hidden objects, then they should be surprised by events which are unexpected.


What are the categories of violations?

Occulsion > object placed
behind a nearer object
Containment > object
placed inside a container
Covering > object placed underneath
another object
Tube > Object placed inside a
container that has no closed bottom
or top


What did Vygotsky discover about certain variables? (Height)

NOT generalisable across event catabolise

Infant may be able to successfully pass occlusion Violation before a containment violation, even though both involve the same variables.

This lag in development is known as Decalage!


What are the basic procedure of VOE?

1st stimulus - Expected
2nd Stimulus - Unexpected