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What is civil law?

Civil law deals with private disputes between individuals or groups. Is a type of non-criminal law.


How is civil law different to criminal law?

- The standard of proof is lower.
- Involves private disputes
- Civil juries have 6 members
- Those guilty of a cvili breach generally pay compensation.


Where does the onus of proof lie?

The Plaintiff


What is the standard of proof?

Balance of probabilities


What is the purpose of civil law?

To protect an individuals rights


Give 3 examples of a civil law matter.

- Breach of contract
- Negligence
- Defamation
- Trespass


What is a tort?

A civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, which causes personal injury, property damage or financial loss for which the innocent party usually claims damages.


How is Tort law different to Contract law?

- A contract is created as the product of two consenting parties.
- A tort needs no consent and is typically issued by one party against another.


What are the different types of torts?

- Negligence
- Defamation
- Nuisance
- Trespass