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Who wrote this?

Ted hughes?


What is the poem about?

Soldiers expirience of a charge towards enemy lines. Describes his thoughts and actions as he tries to stay alive


Context of the poem??

During ww1. Describes soilder going out of his trench and towards enemy lines.


What quote shows violent imagery in the first stanza?

‘Bullets smacking the belly out of the air’


Explain the language of ‘bullets smacking the belly out of the air’

Violent imagery and onomatopoeia describes sound and impact of shots, emphasises pain and horror of battle


What does poet use to create form?

Enjabment which creates haphazard effects representing soilders urgency & despiration as he stumbles forward


What quote emphasises the soilders insignificance and his lack of control in situation?

‘Cold clockwork of the stars and the nations’


Explain the quote ‘cold clockwork of the stars and nations’

‘Cold’ implies that the people in charge of war don’t care about individual soilders. Methapor of clock showning time standing still


How is stanza 3 diffrent to the first stanza?

As the last stanza is of extreme fear. At start soilder believes patriotism is most important reason to join war however in reality issue it staying alive. Soilders overriding emotion is fear replacing patriotic idea


What is the last quote of the final stanza?

‘His terrors touchy dynamite’


Explain the quote ‘his terrors touchy dynamite’

Soilders seem to have become a weapon rather than a human being. Driven purely by his terror. Suggests soilder loses control of emotions


What other poems does this link to?

Charge of light brigade and exposure