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How can neurotransmitters explain initiation?

- Gamblers have lower levels of noradrenaline
- Due to having such low levels gamblers take up gambling to make up for this
- Studies have found that noradrenaline + adrenaline levels increase when gamblers play


How does Meyera's study help to explain imitation?

Studied 14 male problem gamblers and 15 non problem gamblers:
- When playing blackjack noradrenaline levels increased in both groups but problem gamblers showed significantly higher levels
= shows they may have low levels which is why they increase more as only get this feeling from gambling


How can neurotransmitters explain maintenance?

- Gambling causes you to feel extremely high due to high levels of dopamine
= creates an insensitivity to dopamine which makes you feel low
- Addicts keep up gambling to feel 'normal'
- For gamblers exposure to gambling related audio and visual stimuli can create arousal causing them to seek more optimum levels of dopamine


How does Meyera's study help to explain maintenance?

Dopamine levels were significantly higher in problem gamblers when playing
= get more of a reward than no problem gamblers + perhaps no other activity can successfully raise dopamine as they have become insensitive


How can neurotransmitters explain relapse?

- Gamblers often miss the psychological/physiological rewards of stress reduction and excitement causing them to seek this when they feel low


How can Meyera's study help to explain relapse?

The high levels of both noradrenaline and dopamine shows how problem gamblers may miss them


What did other evidence show about the neurotransmitter levels of different types of gamblers?

Horserace addicts had significantly lower baseline levels as compared to poker machine platers and controls
= smaller bet size on poker machines causes less of a response