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What is the genetic code?

each amino acid has more than one triplet code


what is the triplet code?

a sequence of 3 bases called a codon and each codon codes for amino acids


what enzyme breaks down the hydrogen bonds in DNA?

DNA helicase


what is the process of semi conservative replication?

1 - DNA helicase breaks down the hydrogen bonds separating the 2 strands
2 - free nucleotides are then activated
3 - the free activated nucleotides line up and join together by DNA polymerase creating a polynucleotide chain
4 - 2 identical molecules of DNA are formed
5 - each new molecule of DNA are composed of one original strand and one newly formed DNA


What enzyme forms bonds between free nucleotides?

DNA polymerase


what is the genetic code?

DNA codes for a sequence of amino acids


where does transcription take place?

the nucleus


what is the role of tRNA?

to transfer amino acids into the ribosome


what is a codon?

a group of 3 bases on mRNA strand


where is the precise site of protein synthesis?

the ribosomes