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Define mechanotransduction.

stimulation of a mechanoreceptor which leads to opening of ion channels, thereby altering the membrane potential of the cell causing action potential to form.


Define tensegrity.

isolated components under compression do not touch each other, and the tensioned membres form the spacial arrangment


Where does mechanotransduction primarily occur?

1. muscle tissue (contraction type)

2. nervous tissue (communication)

3. epithelial tissue (membranes and glands)

4. connective tissue (nutrients, support, strength)


What is the purpose of tensegrity?

  1. local changes in shape affect the entire connected structure in order to prevent ultimate collapse.


What provides cells structure and sensitivity ?

  1. Cell:cell connnection with Cell:ECM provides structural stability with sensitivity and ability to respond to mechanical stimulus.
  2. Therefore changes in ECM release solubel factors able to affect local and distal tissues.


WHat happens if there is injury to an area?

  1. nociceptive neurons release substance P (dilate blood vessels) and promote mast cell recruitment to release histamine. 
  2. This increases inflammation which is good and bad


Why is inflammation good for our bodies?

It prepares teh cells for a massive attack from the immune system


Why is inflammation detrimental to our bodies?

Our bodies are very bad at regulating inflammation, and can lead to chronic inflammation with other detrimental effects.


What is a viscero-somatic reflex?

inflammation that leads to referred pain. Increases blood flow and temperature cuasing pain.