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Who is the author of the Color Purple?

Alice Walker


What is the current hairstyle worm by Rastafarians?



How many Black students sought admission to Little Rock High School?



Who was the first African American woman to going space?

Mae Jemison


In the 1960's what form of Civil Rights protest began with a long bus ride through the south?

The Freedom Rides


His piano renditions of "Laura" sold 50,000,000 copies. Name him.

Erroll Garner


Name the first African American woman to be sworn in as the US Surgeon General.

Joycelyn Elders


What was the name of the people who helped enslaved persons escape to the north along the "Underground Railroad"?



Who was the first Black American to win an elective office?

John Mercer Langston


Who founded the "Tuskegee Institute"?

Booker T. Washington


When did President Johnson nominate Thurgood Marshall to be a justice on the Supreme Court of the US?

June 13, 1967


Name the first woman to be ordained an Episcopal priest.

Pauli Murray (1910-1985)


How do African rhinos differ from rhinos of Asia?

All African rhinos have two horns. Most Asian rhinos only have one horn.


Name the author of the book"Roots" who invented the character of Kunta Kinte and his American descendants.

Alex Haley


Who was the founder of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party?

Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977)


What African America baseball player is credited with breaking the color barrier in baseball?

Jackie Robinson


Who is the author if the play A Raisin in the Sun?

Lorraine Hansberry


Who was the first African American nurse to become a US Army Colonel?

Margaret Bailey


What were the first names of the original members of the Four Tops?

Duke, Levi, Lawrence, and Obie


Which book, written by W.E.B. Du Bois, exclaims that the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line?

The Souls of Black Fold


Who was known as "The Big O"?

Oscar Robinson


Paul Williams served as co-architect for what major international airport?

Los Angeles


Name the boom written in 1895 by Ida B. Wells that showed thousands of black men, women, and children had been lynched in the US.

The Red Record


In the 1619, British colonists in Jamestown, Virginia purchased America's first African workers. What name was given to these workers?

Indentured Servants


Who directed the movie Boyz in the Hood?

John Singleton


Who had become the only Black American member of the famous "Edison Pioneers," a group of people who had worked with Edison before 1885?

Lewis Howard Latimer


Who became the first Black American woman to sit in the International Olympic Committee?

Anita DeFrantz


Who was the first Black American to fly in space?

Guion S. Bluford, Jr.


Who wrote the famous song "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud"?

James Brown


John Lewis directed his civil rights movement through what organization?

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)


What landmark Supreme Court ruling required all railroad companies to provide equal accommodations for Blacks?

Mitchell vs. US Interstate Commerce Act


What was the name of the first screenplay produced by a Black American woman?

Georgia, Georgia


What was the given name of the famous jazz diner Billie Holiday?

Eleanor Fagan


Who invented the fire extinguisher?

J.T. Marshall


What was the name of the nation's first Black college?

Cheyney University


What was Earl Monroe's nickname during his basketball career?

The Pearl


Who was responsible for creating Black History Month?

Carter G. Woodson


Who invented the bullet proof Plexiglas?

Emmanuel L. Logan


Who were the first two Black Americans among the first Black Pony Express?

George Monroe and William Robinson


Who first taught the principle "black is beautiful"?

Malcolm X


Name the first African American company to be listed on the American stock exchange.

Ultra Sheen hair care products


In which year did Apartheid officially ended in South Africa?



Dr. George F. Grant created an artificial palate. Was this device designed to fit the human ear, mouth or heart?



Which river crosses the equator twice: The Nile, Congo, or Zambezi?

The Congo


What was the name given to the period of cultural rebirth that took place in Harlem, New York City?

The Harlem Renaissance


Name the black journalist who became famous as the main Washington anchor for the Cable News Network.

Bernard Shaw


What was the significance of the Dred Scot decision of 1857?

Dred Scot was a slave, not a citizen, although he resided in the free territory of Illinois.


Which city is the capital of Madagascar?



Was the Civil War fought to free the slaves or preserve the union?

To preserve the union


Did Carter G. Woodson found "Jet" magazine or the "Journal of Negro History"?

The Journal of Negro History


What educator and social reformer wrote Up from Slavery?

Booker T. Washington


What African country was one of the founding members of the United Nations?

Liberia in 1945


What anti-slavey newspaper was founded by Frederick Douglass?

The North Star


During the 1930s and 1940s Dr. Earnest E gain need international fame for his work on the dynamics of egg fertilization and at age 22 reviewed from the NAACP it's highest recognition for the individual that has contributed the most to advancement of blacks. Name this award.

Joel Elias Spingarn Medal


Who invented the refrigerator?

J. Standard


Name the black mathematician who was a surveyor on the team that planned the District of the Columbia.

Benjamin Banneker in 1790


What was the significance of the Fifteenth Amendment?

It banned race-based voting qualifications.


What poet and playwright is also named LeRoi Jones?

Amiri Baraka


G.T. Sampson invented what popular home appliance in 1892?

Clothes dryer


Who did Arthur Ashe beat in 1975 to become the first Black American to win the single title at Wimbledon?

Jimmy Connors


The first African American elected to the US Congress was never seated. He was also the first African American to speak out on business before the House of Representatives. Identify him.

John Willis Menard of Louisiana


While African Americans holding PhD's now number several thousand, the very first African to earn one in the US graduated from Yale University in 1876 in the difficult field oh physics. What was his name?

Edward Alexander Bouchet


Who was the first African-America female to complete work for the PhD while attending Radcliffe College in Massachusetts in the field of English in 1921?

Eva Beatrice Dykes


She was the founder of her own college, the organizer of public issue association in the 20th century, first African female administrator to head a federal office and made history down to the writing of her "Last Will and Testament." Who was she?

Mary McLeod Bethune


At the core of the institutional arrangements affecting the amount of credit and cash available in the US, the Federal Reserve Board is to the American economy what the heart is to the human body a pump whose decisions pulsate throughout the nation. Identify the first Black to head this unit of government.

Andrew Brimmer


While several African American females have held congressional seats in our time, the very first Black woman elected to the us House of Representatives in 1968 had already served in her state legislature. Name this noted person.

Shirley Chrisholm


In the 1940s when it was most dangerous to do so, the NAACP assigned its southern states field representative to report on the illegal activities of groups such as the Ku klux Klan. Her work brought her a measure of fame and the attention of southern racist. Identify her by name.

Ruby Hurley


In 1937 Joe Louis Barrow defeated an early "great white hope" before a crowd of 45,000 fans and became the first African American officially recognized as heavyweight champion since Jack Johnson. Name his opponent.

Jim Braddock


In a heroic congressional career of a quarter century, the first African American representative from New York proposed 50 different bills embodying the early concept of equal opportunity and affirmative action, and saw each of them become law. Name this lawmaker.

Adam Clayton Powell 1944-1970


Gaining enduring national fame for her eloquent defense of the us constitution during hearings on whether or not then president Richard Nixon had perhaps violated it, this African American member of the House of Representatives became a role model for females of both races. Identify the individual and state represented.

Barbara Jordan of Texas


What is the name given by DNA specialists to the worlds first human as identified in Africa by the study of genetic history?



Who was the first African warrior-king to unite upper and lower Egypt four millennia ago?



Name the two undoubted African who conquered and ruled all of Egypt for at least 600 years before the birth of Christ.

Piankhi and Tarharqu


Identified as the mother of Akhenaten, the worlds first proponent of ten idea do one God, this Egyptian Queen was described by her contemporaries as "coal" I'm complexion and undoubtedly African in her facial features. What was her name?

Queen Tye


A 10th century African king on a round trip between his kingdom of ancient Mali and Mecca in Arabia was so wealthy that spending by his 40,000 person entourage upset the economies of the nations through which they passed. Identify this African king.

Mansa-Musa or Kan-Kan Musa


Songhai, the greatest and largest of the "Big three" or pre-colonial west african empires was founded by a warrior family which supplied several generations of ruer with the same name. What was the name?

Sonni Ali


What was the name of a major pre-colonial African university whose professors were required to sign their individual names to the diplomas of very graduating student who has attended their classes?

Sankore in Timbuktu


Called the "African Attila" this mighty warrior in the 1820s organized an exceptionally disciplined army of 100,000 soldiers and at age 34 conquered territory larger in size than the country of France. What was his actual name?

Shaka Zulu


In east Africa there are remnants of magnificent 14th century stone structures once known as "African Acropolis" and "the temple." Falsely attributed to European architects, these artifacts are now seen as the works of African exclusively. Identify these artifacts by the names now most commonly used to describe them.

The Great Enclosure and/or the "Great Walls of Zimbabwe"


He helped Frederick Douglass edit the North Star in 1848 and published a still cities book in 1852, led am exploratory party to Africa in 1859 and in 1865 he was the first black during the civil war to be appointed a rank higher than a sergeant. What were his rank and name?

Major Martin Robinson Delaney


Until 1864 it was illegal for African Americans to tread upon the floors of the us congress. In celebrating the passage of the 13th amendment in 865 a radical clergyman became the first black to address the House of Representatives. What was his name?

The Reverend Henry Highland Garnet


After being fired from her South Carolina public school teaching job in 1956 for her membership in the NAACP she made the entire South her classroom through her numerous adult literacy and civic education workshops and programs. Identify this individual.

Septima Poinsette Clark


The famous case of Brown vs. board of Education Topeka (Kansas) declaring racial segregation unconstitutional was the finale of a legal strategy commonly attributed to the heroic background work of one law school professor and legal activist who trained the Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and others.

Howard University law School Dean, Charles Hamilton Houston


A self-employed full tome racial spokesperson for most of his life, 1988 Jesse Louis Jackson ran for president of the United States and received more votes than any other African American for any time. How many votes did he receive?

8 million


The 1963 March on Washington was notable for a) it's size- 250,000 marchers, b) peaceful conduct and c) the classic "I Have a Dream" speech by MLK jr. The person commonly given credit for the logistics of the match was trained by Asa Philip. Randolph, the master of marches. Identify this person.

Baynard Rustin


Abandoned by the Republican Party and rejected by the Democratic Party in the 1890s, African American political activists were attracted to a third party. What was it called?

The Populist Party


Im 1896, the National Federation of Afro-American Women and the National Conference of Colored combined under the name National Association of Colored Women. Their very first president was a future civil rights activist. What was her name?

Mary Church Terrell


Booker T. Washington's theory of racial uplift was based on a 1890s social philosophy which favored the social stratification of races. What was the label given to this philosophy?

Social Darwinsin or the survival of the fittest as rulers


With African A,webcams virtually eliminated from political life at the beginning of the 20th century, a new political movement equating efficient public service with Anglo-Saxon ethnic purity attracted many "mainstream" Americans who urbanized the KKK. What was this new movement called?



The roaring twenties for mainstream America was a peak period African American Musial and literary innovation. What pilar phrase was applied to the African American creative life surfing this period?

The Black or Harlem Renaissance


The 1960s flowering of literary and artistic talents among African A Erica s brought forth names such as Don Lee, Amir Baraka ( aka LeRoi Jones), Sonya Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Alvin Ailey and many others. What was the name given to this creative period?

Black Arts Movement


Alex Haley the author of both Roots and the Autobiography of Malcom X is one of the few writers with two enduring culturally significant works. Almost single-handedly Haley popularized a field of historical research known as what?



After a distinguished career as a teacher, research chemist and business entrepreneur , the renowned Dr. Percy L. Jillian became a millionaire in 1961 by merging Julian Laboratories with the huge chemical company known by what name?

Smith, Kline and French Pharmaceutical Company