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Blake religious protest

Human ideals of church, not God's. Manipulation for obedience of the god-fearing
Does nothing to help the poor/nature


Blake context social and political protest

Sympathetic to revolutions, condemns power and praises free will of individual. Calls for liberation of humanity.
Break society's restrictions: shamed by church and greed of the government destroying nature, ignorant to the poor


Percy Bysshe Shelley

All religious nations are founded solely on authority



Children believed to have an existence in heaven before life on earth, image of natural creation



What one now calls christianity is precisely what Christ came to abolish


Blake nature

Humans should not impose onto nature, a manifestation of God
Allows humans to grow spiritually
Not superior to it, listen to earth



Piper obeys unquestionably, ignorant to deserving more. The piper stops being a piper, loses purpose. Anti-establishment, children lesser
Ambiguous, is child dead? Oxymoron is unsettling
Directs humanity to read the book, imposes ideals on to those without voice to give their own
Writing corrupts word of God (humans corrupt nature) used to manipulate others

Idyllic innocent world before fall of humans, poetic inspiration
Happy to be obedient however, no fear or suspicion. Church imposes NOT GOD


The schoolboy

Romantics, learning should come from nature
Authority represses creativity and spirit, child can't flourish
Innocence forced into experience


The little black boy🌟

Title suggests how society sees him first
Experienced, problematic desire to be like the white boy and serve him. Only then he can be loved?
In death, all souls go to heaven regardless of skin. Anti-prejudice
Child taught not to protest but serve with God to get to heaven in the future, innocence (HMT)


The voice of the ancient bard

People should lead religion not the church, we have power over own salvation. Cannot find God with unenlightened leading the masses
Halting rhythm suggests stumbling and searching for the path
The bones remain of those who have been trapped in laws, people cannot progress


Holy Thursday (Introduction)🌟

Children regimented (HMT) no freedom, must obey or are cast out. Authority figure supposedly godly, controlling and un christian like (HMT)
Referred to as nature (destruction even worse) and sacrificial lambs
Representatives cannot relate to poor, ignorant and refuse to acknowledge. Only attend to because of feeling obliged to


The Chimney-sweeper (introduction)🌟

Individualised, accuses reader (responsible) exploitation
Pure and sacrificed. Experience destroys innocence
Foreboding death due to impositions of the society, greed for industrial revolution
If religious, can escape pain of life (manipulate people to accept situation) (HMT)angel no escape from pain apart from prayer


Earth's Answer

Earth implored for help, imprisoned under the tyrannical God created by humans
Church governs sexuality
Call for revolution against the restriction on nature, humans must be enlightened and express spirituality


Holy Thursday (experience)🌟

Facade of generosity, church is usurous/greedy. Corrupt despite supposedly christian (HMT)
Charity given with expecting something in return, no hope
Rich are ignorant, ignore poor and deny (HMT) corrupt
Earth provides to the people but we remove it
May be land of poverty literally, lack of nature and enlightenment


The Fly🌟

Something small and seemingly insignificant has same value as human (authority) all equal (HMT)
Fly seen as powerless, carelessness can dispose of life. The weak are easier to exploit (HMT)
All have capacity to think (chain of being) and change situation (HMT)
Is ignorance bliss, unaware of situation (HMT)
Short lines, darting movements repeat


The Garden of Love🌟

Established church taken over, emphasis on sin and forbidding(HMT) People cannot worship in their own way
Religious text used for own purposes (HMT) originally Gardens relates to song of Solomon, sexual love, was altered by conservatives
Humanity repressed, people made to feel shame (HMT) and governed this way. Foreboding of death
Garden of Eden and women (HMT)
Previous innocence of garden contrasted with present
Chapel related to image of prison/village greens not owned, no authority, place to explore sexuality. Priests use pain as punishment (HMT) not christian like



Microcosm of society, most of land owned by rich
Nature controlled by state
Ordinary people suffer (HMT)
Mind control (HMT can escape in audios) trapped in head, stops rebellion if believe condition is 'God-given' (HMT)
Church corruption, no lightness (HMT)
Violence in the name of the state, revolution (HMT)
Poverty and prostitution (HMT)all ages effected
Absence of nature, humans do not learn from this (selfish)


The Human Abstract🌟

Christian virtues used to legitimise exploitation (HMT)
Humans cause suffering, authority argues we need the poor etc to allow our virtues. Adam and eve fall of man
Passive, no actions taken to amend
Regimes feeds on itself (HMT)
Evil inside us or corrupted by society and born innocent?(HMT)


A Little Girl Lost🌟

Present world corrupt unlike Golden Age
Innocent love is associated with light and enlightenment: punished and forbidden by church and authority (HMT) it is natural and cannot be helped
Fearing religion and being oppressed by it (HMT)
Nature and natural feelings are forbidden, experiences a Fall (shame)
Generations enforcing oppression, parents forget old times (HMT)


Infant Joy/Sorrow

Church gives identity (HMT)
Expected to have free love but then experienced with dangerous world (HMT)