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What are some characteristic features of a lymphocyte under a gram stain?

- blue cytoplasm
- clumped chromatin
- typically without granules


What are some common features of a virus infection in a blood film? Name some examples of viral infections.

Thrombocytopenia - low platelet count
Reactive T cells - increased size, basophilic cytoplasm

Examples of viral infection: Epstein-Barr Virus EBV, cytomegalovirus CMV, varicella, Viral Hepatitis, Dengue fever, Parvovirus


Outline the process of EBV driven lymphoma formation

EBV proliferates in B cells and then turns off its antigens to evade the immune response. In immunocompromised hosts, the virus selects abnormal B cells which proliferate to form a lymphoma


What are some of the features of Bordetella pertussis infection on a gram stain? What's the common name for the infection?

Lymphocytosis - increased lymphocytes due to a lymphocyte promoting factor secreted by the bacteria that inhibits lymphocyte migration to the tissues
Leucocytosis - lots of WBC's, indicates infection

Common name is Whooping Cough


What is haemophagocytosis? How does it alter blood cells (in terms of their count)? What infections is it associated with?

Macrophages phagocytose haemopoietic cells in the bone marrow

Causes pancytopenia - cytopenia all multiple cell types (leucopenia, anaemia, thrombocytopenia)

Associated with any infections - viral (EBV, CMV, varicella), bacterial, fungal, protozoal


Name 3 characteristics of parvovirus in a gram stain.

Anaemia - caused by reduced erythropoiesis
Giant erythroblasts with viral inclusions


On a gram stain, what features would indicate bacterial infection?

Neutrophilia - increased neutrophils (note: neutropenia is seen in sepsis)
Left shift - increased immature/precursor cells
Toxic granulation - neutrophils contain more granules
Dohle bodies - remnants of ER in the cytoplasm of neutrophils (look like blue inclusions)
Vacuolation- increased vacuoles in neutrophil cytoplasm
Rouleaux- stacking of rbc caused by increased immunoglobulins
Thrombocytopenia - low platelet count
Hypercellular bone marrow - ready to release lots of precursors
Granulomas in the bone marrow

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