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What best describes the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of a pound of water through 1*f

Btu- British Thermal Unit


Which boiler is limited to a maximum working pressure of 30psig (Water) or 15 psig (Steam)

High Mass cast iron


Within a hot water boiler, which device indicates pressure and temperature ?

Combination gauge


The device used to shutdown the fuel to the burner when the water level in the boiler drops below its operating level is called a/an?

Float operated low water cut off or a/an probe type water cut off


A globe valve pattern device that is used t reduce incoming water pressure to the minimum desired boiler system pressure and that also serves as an automatic water feeder is know as a:

Pressure reducing valve/ PRV


What are the maximum operating temperatures and pressures of a low temperature high mass cast iron hot water boiler

120*c (250*f),207kPa (30psig)


What is the maximum operating temperature and pressure of a low-temperature low-mass copper or steel tube hot water boiler

120*c (250*f), 1100kPa (160psig)


Low-temperature low-pressure hot water boilers are usually rated in?

Net Btu/hr or EDR


The amount of heat energy available at the heat transfer units is defined as:

The net rating


A hot water EDR has a Btu value of:

150 Btu/hr


The amount of heat energy consumed by the boiler is defined as:

The input rating


The purpose of a balancing valve is to:

Adjust flow rates to each heat transfer unit


The purpose of a wild-loop is to:

Prevent the pump from deadheading


The type of radiator valve that should be installed to prevent unauthorized use is a:

Lock shield radiator valve


The purpose of a zone valve is to:

Provide control of heating emission


The part of a circulator that transfers energy to the water is:

The impeller


What is the function of a circulator in a hot water heating system?

Moves the water within the system


The 2 variables you will find on a pump curve are?

Head and flow


The best place for the circulator in a hot water heating system is:

Downstream of the compression tank


Finned tubed baseboard is rated by what method?

Btu per foot hour based upon supply water temperature, flow rate and entrance air temperature of 65*f


How do you control the heat output of finned tube baseboard?

By adjusting the damper


What is the length of fin that would be required for a room with a heat loss of 8000 Btu/hr if the f'in had an output rating of 45Btu/ft/hr



How many pieces of4' finned tube are required for previous question?

5 pieces of 4' finned tube are required