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what happens during brit milah

a baby boys forsaking is removed 8 days after birth and is given a Hebrew name


who is the brit milah ceremony performed in front of

in front of the minyan ( 10 or more Jews, all male if orthodox)


who is baby held by and who does the circumcion

held by sandek which is the oldest person observing
mohel does circumcision


why does circumcision occur

demonstrates dedication to jewish faith and means they are apart of the covenant with God and Abraham


give 3 reasons why some jews are against brit milah

baby is 8 days old and has no choice
no relevance today
can be replaced with Brit Shalon the naming ceremony


give 2 quotes from the Torah that are against brit milah

‘you shall not make any cuttings in your flesh’
‘any child born of a mother is a Jew circumcised or not’


what is a bar mitzvah

orthodox and reform celebration occurs in the sabbath closest to a boys 13th birthday and makes him a ‘son of commandment’


what do boys and their fathers do at a bar mitzvah

boy stands at bimah and reads part of torah
father will recite a prayer of thanks


what will a boy wear during a bar mitzvah and what can he now join

wears tefillin for the first time
can be apart if the minyan and lead services


what is a bat mitzvah

reform celebration that occurs around a girls 12th birthday and will become ‘daughter of commandment’


what will the girl do at her bat mitzvah

lead prayers and read from the Torah scrolls as well as a section from the Tanakh with female figures


what does a bat mitzvah represent

the girl taking in additional responsibilities and privileges


what is a bat chayil

orthodox jewish celebration that occurs around girls 12th birthday where she will become ‘daughter of valour’


what will the girl do during a bat chayil

talk on a jewish topic NOT a service


what does a bat chayil represent

girl taking on role at home and an adult role in the community