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What is the instruction number for Immunization and Chemoprohylaxis



A "proponent" is someone with the authority to approve exceptions and waivers to a regulation or instruction

The Surgeon General


What Chapter of BUMEDINST 2630.15A covers Chemoprophylaxis?

Chapter 5


True or False: It is required that a trained physician be present during the administration of vaccines



individuals administering immunizations need to be properly trained in accordance with what four

Department of Defense service United States Coast Guard and Centers for Disease


Immunizing agents will not be used beyond the manufacturer's potency expiration date unless who

The appropriate Surgeon General or CG-11 USCG


Explain why immunizations given at intervals shorter than the recommended interval should not be

Because it may not provide adequate immune response


Not more than 5 vaccine injections will be given on the same day. For what reason is this true?

To minimize injections site discomfort


Generally speaking at what interval are inactivated vaccines administered

one week apart


Generally speaking at what interval are live-virus immunizations administered

4 or more weeks apart


when prioritizing immunizations, which micorbes would you consider most likely to be encountered name the 3 microbes

Typhoid , Hep A, and Influenza


When prioritizing imms which microbes would you say had the greatest severity if encountered ( name 6 microbes)

Anthrax, smallpox, meningococcal, yellow fever, JEV, and rabies


When prioritizing imms which microbes would you consider to be a long standing risk if encountered. name 5 microbes.

Hep B, Tetanus-Diphtheria- pertussis, poliovirus, varicella, measles-mumps, rubella


For some vaccine-preventable diseases, which test can be used to show that a person is already immune from a previous infection or imm which may eliminate administering unnecessary immunization

Serologic Test


Immunizing and chemoprophylaxis agens are stored, shipped, and handled in accordance with the

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers instructions


pregnant women smallpox vaccines require a specific pre-immunization screening that assesses the date of the last menstrual period. Women are recommended to take a pregnancy test if their last menstrual period is beyond how many days?

28 days


What immunizations is required for all Marine Corps personnel and for all Navy personnel assigned to Marine operating forces?

Yellow Fever Immunization


Health record - immunization record

SF 601


what is the name of the SF 601

Health record - immunization record


which health record do you record hypersensitivity to vaccines, or vaccine components?

SF 600 Health record chronological record of Medical care


Anthrax is administered in what intervals

0,2, week 4, 6 month, 12 month, and 18 months



5 doses, 0,3,7, 14, 28 days


Tetanus shots are given

every 10 years


For Navy, administer to all personnel assigned to Marine Operating Forces and those assigned to Navy units subject to deployment within 10 days of notification into land areas where yellow fever is endemic.

Other personnel. administer yellow fever vaccine to personnel traveling to or transiting through yellow fever endmic areas.


Adults and adolescents require 2 doses of varicella vaccine given 4 to 8 weeks apart

Basic trainees and other accessions. Administer varicella vaccine to susceptible trainees and other accessions within the first 2 weeks of training


Other susceptible adults offer varicella vaccine to other susceptible persons especially nonpregnant women of childbearing age and men living in households with young children

Military indication. to prevent typhoid fever, a systemic bacterial disease acquired by consuming food or water contaminated with salmonella typhi during deployment or travel to typhoid-endemic areas and other areas with poor sanitation.


If multiple injections are given separate by at least 1 inch.

Temperature logs for vaccines are kept for at least 3 years


Small pox vaccine is withheld from breastfeeding women except in an outbreak.

Report cases that are adverse to Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system (VAERS)

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