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Why is Florine the most reactive element in group 7?

The reactivity of the halogens decreases going down the group


Why is francium the most reactive element in group 1?

The reactivity of the alkali metals increases going down the group


What are the chemical properties of the noble gases?

They are not reactive as they have a stable electron arrangement


What are the physical properties of noble gases?

Low boiling and melting points


What are the chemical properties of the halogens(group 7 elements)?

The atoms in each pair of atoms made from molecules are joined to each other by covalent bonding


How did Mendeleev's aid the development of the modern periodic table?

He left gaps for unknown elements


The properties of the alkali metals (group 1 elements)?

Very reactive as they only need to lose one electron to get a stable electron structure


Why do the reactives of the alkali metals increase as you go down group 1?

The positively charged nucleus is getting further away from the outer shell. This means that losing an electron is much easier as well as forming positive ions


What does the reactivity of the halogens decreases as you go down the table?

The closer the electrons are to the positively charged nucleus, the easier it is to gain electrons and form negative ions as a result of reduction


What does solute mean?

Solid or gas which dissolves in a liquid


What does solvent mean?

Liquid which dissolves a solid or gas


What does solution mean?

Formed when a solute dissolves in a solvent