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What is electroplating?

A type of electrolysis that uses non-inert electrodes


What happens to the cathode in electroplating?

It is coated by the metal of the anode


What does the anode do in electroplating?

It coats the cathode


What is the electrolyte in the electroplating?

A solution containing ions of the coating metal


What is electroplating used for?

Coating products with expensive metals to make them look better instead of spending a lot of money


Describe the process of electroplating.

The ions of the cathode are discharged from electrolysis. The metal ions on the anode replace them on the surface of the cathode, creating a coating


Describe how copper is purified using electrolysis

Two copper cathode electrodes are used. The cathode is pure and the anode is impure. The copper ions leave the anode and go onto the cathode, leaving the impurities behind on the anode, turning it pure.