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What are the 5 functions of the political party?

1. Nominating function
2. Informer function
3. Bonding agent function
4. Governing function
5. Watchdog function


What are the three types of political systems in the world ?

One system
Multi party system
Two party


List the four reasons why the USA uses two party system?

1. Historical basics , started out with two parties
2. Force of tradition, always been that way
3. Electoral system, out system encourages only two parties
4. American ideological consensus, share similar political beliefs


What is the major advantage and disadvantage of a multi party system ?



List the factors that cause people to identify with a particular party

Family, major events, gender, education, age, type of work, economic status


Know the difference between the Democrats and the republicans

Democrats, left liberals progressives Open to change fever big federal government government controlled social programs higher taxes anti-gun increase minimum-wage
Republicans right conservative traditional favor small federal government's theater business capitalism lower taxes pro individual rights to national family


Know the four periods of the American party dates and events

1. 1800-1860 democrats ruled 13/15 presidents civil war
2. 1860-1932 republicans ruled 14/18 presidents Great Depression
3. 1932-1968 democrats ruled 7/9 Vietnam
4. 1968-2008 republicans ruled 5/7?


Know the three components that makes up a party

1. Party organizations leaders
2. Party electorates
3. Party government Office holders


Reasons why minor parties are important

1. Bring about new fresh ideas
2. Bring important issues to the people
3. Serve as a critic to the major parties
4. Play a spoiler role in some elections


Know the four types of minor parties and examples of each

1. Ideological- based on a set of political beliefs (socialist/libertarians)
2. Single issue-based on one issue (free-soil)
3. Economic protest- based on economic discontent (populist)
4. Splinter-when famous person breaks away from main party (bull moose, Theodore Roosevelt)


Know which groups tend to align themselves with a particular party

Democrats; African Americans, Hispanics, Catholics and Jews, blue collar, over 60
Republicans; Caucasians, protestants, white collar, private business owners, young adults, higher education/income , rural