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student-led organization that's open to all residents of UH + focuses on large-scale programming and community building; encourage residents to attend general meetings and events; contact: Sarah Amberson in RSHW 2.007

Residential Housing Association (RHA)


a sponsored organization w/in ResLife that upholds the values of service and recognition that upholds the values of service and recognition in every endeavor; OTMs (submitted by anyone, due by 3rd of each month, winners revealed around 15th of following month); contact: Sarah Amberson in RSHW 2.007

National Residence Hall Honorary


team members assist students in achieving academic goals w/ individualized tutoring, Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), SI, coordinated group study, or other approaches to improving academic achievement; MC 1.302

Student Success Center


dedicated to providing academic advising to students who are at-risk for Academic Suspension and students who haven't met AES requirements; advisors sometimes ask ResLife for help in contacting a student; MC

Student Outreach and Academic Retention (SOAR)


committed to equal access to edul, recreational, and social endeavors for students w/ disabilities; provides academic accommodations for eligible students, facilitation of non-academic and environmental accommodations + services, resources + referral info + advocacy support; visit website to submit requests; in SSB 3.200

Office of Student AccessAbility (OSA)


provides programs + services designed to assist students in achieving emotional well-being; offers individual therapy, group therapy, coping workshops, etc; after hour + emergency services available (contact ELC to contact UPD): 972-UTD-TALK; 24 Hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 972-641-7273;
SSB 4.600

Student Counseling Center


provides primary and preventative health care to currently enrolled students who pay medical services fee along w/ tuition; offers diagnosis + treatment of general illnesses, minor emergency care, routine check-ups, STD screening, birth control, allergy injections, + pharmacy services; seek local physician, urgent care, or ER for after hours care; SSB 4.700

Student Health Center


promotes health, fitness, + responsible personal choices among UTD students thru edul programs, resources, + individual consultations; programs include Alcohol Awareness, Sexual Assault Prevention, Nutrition, etc.; SSB 4.500

Student Wellness Center


promotes prosperous and successful environment thru mentoring, advising + professional counseling, lectures re: gender diversity + social justice, leadership development, + community engagement for girls + women in STEM fields of study, + advocacy for LGBTQ community; SSB 4.300

Galerstein Gender Center


provides programs and facilities to enhance overall extracurricular experience for UTD students; five program areas: club sports, intramural sports, fitness, aquatics, + informal recreation; Activity Center + Rec Center West

University Recreation


student financial services office; oversees student billing + payments, manages student accounts, keeps students apprised of outstanding bills, payment histories + other financial issues; SSB 2.300

Bursar's Office


staff is available to answer qs re: students' financial aid application; application is assigned to a specific counselor who reviews it + prepares it for awarding (assignments try to be maintained throughout year); SSB 1st floor front desk

Office of Financial Aid


provides max. access to relevant, authoritative + scholarly resources; services include circulation, reference, interlibrary loan, + multimedia services; abbrev. = MC; map online

McDermott Library


pick up Comet Card (student ID card), receive free notarization services, purchase stamps, + purchase discount tickets to off-campus movies, museums, + others; SSA 12.324

Comet Card Office


provides student programs, advising + resources to UTD international student population, including F-1 visa, I-20 reqs, etc; assists students in making transition to new country + new culture as easy as possible; SSB 3.400

International Student Service Office (ISSO)


provides a variety of quality cultural programs, education resources, leadership opportunities + support services that enhance ability of UTD students to achieve success in academic, personal, + work lives; SSB 2.400

Multicultural Center


provides student-oriented, student-managed forums for free exchange of info + ideas w/in UTD community while providing students w/ hands-on opportunities to learn skills necessary to pursue a career in media; consists of The Mercury, Radio UTD, and UTD TV; PAs assist in distributing The Mercury to residents bi-weekly; SU 1.601

Student Media


serves as official student voice to UTD administration, UT System Board of Regents, + other govtl entities; seek to enhance spirit, protect University traditions + support all students + student organizations in their academic + community-directed endeavors; SU Suite 2.4

Student Government


helps UTD students become more connected to campus life; provides programming + services for student organizations + for students interested in participating in many activities at UTD; check out; SU 2.416

Student Organization Center (SOC)


student leadership group that offers a variety of events to promote student participation (Homecoming, Casino Night, Springapalooza, comedians, concerts, etc.); SSA 13.451

Student Union & Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB)


UTD's student-run movie program that screens popular movies on campus thru-out year; hosts Cosmic Film Festival ea. spring; SSA 13.451

Meteor Theater


committed to enriching the lives of UTD students by educating them about + connecting them to needs of community across campus, the country, + world (Viva Volunteer, Community Garden, ASB); SSA 14.431T

Office of Student Volunteerism (OSV)


provides students w/quality fraternal XP, including scholarship, service, + social awareness; 20 chapters; SU 1.610

Fraternity and Sorority Life


offers services for students at all stages of their job search process; licensed professional career counselors provide assessments + mock interview training, + fulltime editor for resumes + cover letters; hosts workshops + job expos; has online job search database + helps students find internships ; SSB 3.300

Career Center


helps students w/ substance use disorders or other addictions, those affected by addiction, or individuals questioning or exploring the impact of potential addictive behavior on his/her life; services include 1:1 support w/ licensed professional, recovery mtgs, sober social activities, supportive community of peers, + volunteer/services opportunities; SSA 14.270

Center for Students in Recovery


place for veterans, reservists, eligible dependents, + active duty military students attending UTD; helps you access info about VA benefits, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, + veterans support services; SSA 14.250

Military & Veteran Center