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ACE inhibitor

Stops the conversion of angiotensin I to II.
Angiotensin II is a vasoconstrictor and stimulates aldosterone secretion

Rampril/ Captopril

Start at 1.25mg(HF)/2.5mg titrate up to 10mg

S/E: Cough/ Postural hypotension

Must check renal function after 2/52 weeks due to the nephrotoxic effects


Calcium channel blockers

Decrease Ca2+ entry into the vascular and cardiac cells. Calcium stimulates contraction.
Results in relaxation and vasodilation in the arterial smooth muscle
•Dihydropyridine: vasodilates
•Non dihydropyridine: Cardiac contractibility and conduction of the heart

HTN: 5-10mg daily

S/E: Worsening HF, Flushing, oedema, gum hypertrophy


Thiazide diuretic

Inhibits the Na/CL co transporter in the DCT of the nephron.

Bendroflumethiazide/ Indapamide
S/E: Impotency
Contraindication in gout
Decrease in sodium and potassium


Alpha blocker

Blocks the alpha one adrenoreceptor


Doxazosin (Note that Tamsulosin is only licensed for BPH)
1mg daily

S/E: Anxiety, back pain and coughing


Angiotensin II blocker

Block the action of angiotensin II on the AT1 receptor

Losartan / Cadasartan
12.5mg= HF
50mg other conditions
S/E: Vertigo, symptomatic hypertension


Aldosterone antagonist

Aldosterone is a mineralocorticoid blocker on the mineralocorticoid receptor in the DCT of the kidneys decreasing the activity of the EnaC. Reduces the reabsorption of sodium and water.

25mg for heart failure/ resitant hypertension

S/E: Gyanecomastia, Anxiety, Hypotenison, Hyperkalaemia ( tall tented T waves)



Negatively chronotropic (reduces HR) and positively inotropic (increases force of contraction) Inhibitions of the Na+/K+ atpase pumps causing Na+ to accumulate in the cells. As a result, Ca also accumulates in the cells resulting in a higher contractile force.

Digoxin 125-250mg (maintenance dose)


B blockers

Act on the B 1 receptors
Relax the heart
Blocks sympathetic nervous system

Best one for heart failure is Bisproprolol (1.25mg to 10mg)
S/E: Bronchospasm, alopecia,