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Give the locations of the 4 borders of the heart

a) 1cm from sternal border on the right side, 3rd CC. b) 1cm from sternal border on right side, 6th CC. c) At midclavicular line (MCL) on left side, 5th ICS. d) 2.5cm from sternal border on left side, 2nd ICS


Describe the location of the apex of the heart

At MCL on the left side, 5th ICS.


Describe the surface markings of the aorta

Begins and ends at sternal angle. Arch reaches halfway between sternal angle and jugular notch. Goes from right to left, posteriorly.


Describe where you would auscultate the pulmonary valve.

Left 2nd ICS near sternum.


Describe where you would auscultate the aortic valve

Right 2nd ICS near sternum.


Describe where you would auscultate the tricuspid valve.

Left 5th ICS near sternum.


Describe where you would auscultate the mitral valve.

At the apex of the heart - left 5th ICS at MCL.


What is a normal heart rate?

60-100 bpm


Give a common site for routine venepucture.

Antebrachial vein in the cubital fossa.


Describe the surface markings for the common carotid arteries/jugular veins.

Ask subject to turn head to side, exposing sternomastoid muscle. Vessels run between lateral portion of thyroid cartilage and medial border of sternomastoid, up to earlobe.


Describe how to investigate symmetrical inflation of lungs.

Ask subject to sit on edge of bed. Visually look for asymmetry upon quiet and deep breathing. Test using hands, placed at 5/6th rib anteriorly and at T10 posteriorly, checking hands move apart 5cm.


What is a normal breathing rate?

14-20 breaths per minute.


Which lung has three lobes?

Right lung.


Bronchial noises are ? compared to vesicular noises and why?

Higher, as the lung tissue filters air sound.