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What does select the best mean?

Our buyers attend auctions across the country and appraise over 2 million cars annually at our stores.
Our buyers are trained to know what makes a car desirable and a great value.


2 out of 3 cars don't meet our standards for what reasons?
(Part 1)

flood damage—it can destroy or cause malfunctions in electronics, airbags, and anti-lock brakes
frame damage—because the frame is a crucial safety feature designed to help absorb crashes


2 out of 3 cars don't meet our standards for what reasons?
(Part 2)

unknown mileage or salvage history
excessive wear and tear
excessive cost to repair


Every car at carmax undergoes a how many point inspection?

125 points!


What does the 125 point inspection include?

engine and transmission, plus cooling and fuel systems
brakes, suspension, steering, and drive axles
lighting, electrical, heating, and A/C systems
body and interior, plus all instruments and controls


How long does it take for carmax to recondition to high standards?

12 hours


What does carmax state about the cars you buy?

We invest time and money renewing every car so you don't have to.


How does carmax protect its cars?

Every CarMax car is covered by a 30-Day Limited Warranty and 5-Day
Money-Back Guarantee.*
Covers all of your vehicle's important systems, and hundreds of parts inside and out.
If you decide that a car is not right for you, simply return it within 5 days—hassle-free.
A Free Vehicle History Report is available with every CarMax car.
Every CarMax vehicle also comes with a Clean Title Guarantee.
An optional MaxCare Extended Service Plan is available for purchase with every
CarMax car.
Repairs can come up any time, without warning—with MaxCare, you're always ready.
Flexible coverage lets you choose a plan that meets your driving needs.
*Limited 30-Day Warranty (60-Day in CT, 90-Day in MA). See store for written details. At CarMax, we stand behind every car we sell.


What does carmax stand behind?

At CarMax, we stand behind every car we sell.


What is carmax trade name?

KMX (Common Stock)


What does the behavioral interview consist of?

6. Behavioral interviews
CarMax uses the behavioral interview method to learn more about you and your experience. Behavioral interviewing exists simply to find out more specific information about your past work experience. If you’ve never had a behavioral interview before, just remember the following S*T*A*R* (Situation-Task-Action-Result) method of answering a behavioral question, for example:

If the interviewer says "Tell me about a time when you had a dissatisfied customer."

Describe a SITUATION in which you had a dissatisfied customer
Explain further the TASK you had to complete to satisfy the customer
Tell the interviewer about the ACTION you took to handle the situation
Finally, explain the RESULT of the situation
Here, the interviewer is looking for a specific example of how you’ve handled a customer service situation. Remember to take your time and think of the best possible example you can give based on your past work experience. If you haven’t had the experience to answer the question, simply be honest and let the interviewer know.


15 great reasons to start at CarMax:

1.Low, no-haggle prices
2.Flexible financing options
3.Thousands of cars priced under $12,000
4.Our Sales Consultants are paid the same
Fixed commissions (except in CA) put their best interests in line with yours, so they can focus on helping to find the car that best fits your needs.
5.125+ point inspection
Experienced technicians put every vehicle through a rigorous Certified Quality Inspection—over 125 points must check out before it meets our high standards
6.No cars with flood or frame damage
7.Every used car is renewed
CarMax cars undergo (on average) 12 hours of renewing—sandwiched between two meticulous inspections—for a car that doesn’t look or feel used.
8.Free Full Vehicle History Report
9.Clean Title Guarantee
We guarantee every car to have accurate mileage and not ever to have been designated salvaged or flood-damaged—or we'll buy it back.
10. 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee
11. Limited 30-Day Warranty (60-Day in CT, 90-Day in MA)
12.MaxCare® extended service plans
13.Nearly every make and model all in one place
14.We'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours®
15.Experience that’s measured in millions
That’s millions, as in over 4,000,000 cars sold and over 16,000,000 appraised. There’s simply no substitute for what we’ve learned about cars and what you want when it comes to buying and selling cars. That’s why we’re America’s #1 used car retailer.


whats maxcare extended service plans?

MaxCare® extended service plans
Enjoy added security with purchase of an available MaxCare Extended Service Plan—you can choose one that meets your driving needs, and include the cost in your financing!


What did Carmax customers say they wanted?

When we asked customers what they wanted, this is what we heard:
A hassle-free experience
Up front, low prices and no haggling
A great selection of high-quality cars
The option to sell us a car outright, without having to buy one from us
No-pressure customer service… with a smile!

And that's how we've done things, right from the start.