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What are players?

People who have an interest in an area that is in the process or about to be renbranded.


Eden Project? Start?

Rural areas often require funding to help rebrand as they are unable to raise the funds themselves. For example, the Eden Project in Cornwall was aided by the National Lottery.


Ludlow? Middle?

The local council and sometimes local residents are also often consulted for their opinion as often rural areas are small scale and bottom up as the population tends to be small and the community more tight know so they work together.
Middle of the process- agencies like advantage west midlands are used to inform the local council what the best way to rebrand would be with their expertise.


Isle of Wight? At the end of the process?

Artists and marketing agents help promote the area. Isle of Wight has a twitter page used to promote the area and artists who designed a colourful campaign featuring dinosaurs to attract young families to the area in Summer 2013 as there is going to be a dinosaur festival.