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give 2 examples of catholic art

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam
Tree of Life Mosaic in San Clemente


give 5 beliefs about god in the creation of adam

God shown as dynamic and active figure

God shown as older than Adam with grey hair and beard to show wisdom and omnipotence

God has muscular physique to show him as in omnipotent and a creator

outstretching hand symbolises God giving Adam the spark of life

cloud surrounded by angels to show transcendence and brain shaped to show omniscience


give 4 beliefs about humans in the creation of adam

adam lying back in earth as described in genesis

links to jdea of stewardship, humans must protect earth

perfect human being : young, handsome, strong, resembles god to show imago dei

adam mirrors pose of God shoes imago dei and catherine of siena


give the 6 symbols used in the tree of life mosaic

12 lambs
centre lamb
trees and vines
alpha and omega symbols


what do the 12 lambs represent in the tree of life mosaic

12 lambs show 12 disciples who were given task of passing in jesus message


what does the centre lamb in the tree of life mosaic

centre lamb has halo to represent jesus the lamb of god and how he sacrificed his life


what do the trees and vines represent in the tree of life mosaic

symbolic of how christianity and jesus message will grow abs spread through the world


what does the hand represent in the tree of life mosaic

the hand represents vid reaching out to his son jesus and gaming him to heaven
shoes gods power to overcome death


what does the alpha and omega symbols represent in the tree of life mosaic

they are the first and last greek letters of the alphabet to symbolise that God is eternal


what does the chi-rho represent in the tree of life mosaic

chi-rho is the greek word for christ, one of the earliest christian symbols that links to the belief fkr is a saviour