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Point: One political cause of terrorism is the fight for independence

Explain: In some countries, minority groups feel like they are not really part of the country that they live in and may want to become independent. If the government is not willing to let them, some people may turn to violence to try force the government to listen.

Example: ETA in the Basque country wanted Independence from Spain and France. Historically the Basque people had been treated badly by the Spanish government who did not listen to their calls for independence. ETA usually bombed police stations and government buildings.


Point: One political reason why people commit terrorism is to influence the government and the public

Explain: This means that individuals or groups may disagree with what the government are doing and want to change it. They commit terrorism to try and get both politicians and public support for their views. Often this is known as "homegrown terrorism" where the attacker is born in the country that they attack rather than coming from outside the country.

Example: Anders Behring Brewik set off a bomb outside the prime minister office in Norway and then shot 69 people at a labour summer camp. He did this as he believed a Muslim free country.


Point: One social cause of terrorism is religion

Explain: This means groups use violence as they believe that their religion justifies it. Extremist believe in a strict, extreme version of a religion that justifies hurting people that disagree with them. religious extremist are often radicalised or brainwashed into the extreme beliefs.

Example: Islamic State want to establish an Islamic "Caliphate" or country which follows strict Islamic laws. They have attacked Muslims who they believe don't follow Islam properly and western countries that they believe are "too involves" in the middle east


Point: One social cause of terrorism is because of racism

Explain: This means that they use terrorism too attack other races because they want to hurt or intimidate them. White supremacist is a type of racial terrorism that targets people of colour. People who believe in white supremacism that white people are better than black people and that this justifies acts of violence against them .

Example: Dylan Roof murdered nine African Americans in the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting, He confessed to police that he anted to start a race war and owned a website that promoted neo-Nazi ideology


Point: One social reason why people commit terrorism is for environmental reasons

Explain: This means they use terrorism because they believe that people will ignore the environment otherwise. Pressure groups are formed to try and influence the government and the public about an issue that they feel strongly about eg the environment. Some groups turn to violence and that more people will listen to them

Example: The Earth Liberation Front (ELF), who use terrorism to try and force people to stop damaging the environment. They target businesses and locations that damage the environment like logging and genetic engineering companies. They damage properties but not killed anyone.


Point: One economic cause of terrorism is poverty

Explain: Terror groups thrive in areas of instability and are often seen as a way of getting a stable income in areas of high employment or poverty. People may have no choice but to join terror groups to earn a wage or support their family. They might not agree with the group but many need the financial stability.

Example: An example of this is that the Arab youth survey found that in 8/16 Arab Countries, there was a lack of jobs and opportunities that drew people towards ISIS instead of religious beliefs.


Point: One economic cause of terrorism is food insecurity

Explain: Food insecurity is when there is not enough reliable access to food. Thais could be because of a famine or drought causing a lack of food or it could be due to ward or conflict stopping food deliveries.

Example: Islamic state have been known to take food from charities and give it out to towns and villages, This has allowed them to gain trust of the local people and let to some joining the group.


Point: One political cause of terrorism is to change government

Explain: Some countries do not have fair elections where they can change their government if they are not happy with them. Due to this, they feel that the only way to get rid of the government is to resort to violence. They might attack government targets or innocent people to put pressure on the government.

Example: FARC in Columbia aim to overthrow the corrupt Columbia government to create a more equal society. They are known for their use of landmines and kidnapping police and government. In 2017 FARC signed a peace deal but this is very fragile.