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-What is a diploid cell

-How many sets of chromosomes

A diploid cell is a typical human body cell

2 complete sets of chromosomes

(23 pairs)
(46 of each)


What is a haploid cell

How many sets of chromosomes

Haploid cells are sperm or egg cells (gametes or sex cells)

One set of each chromosome

23 chromosomes


Purpose of fertilisation?

To combine two haploid cells to form a diploid cell


Purpose of mitosis?

To make all the cells in our bodies


Purpose of meiosis

Just makes gametes or sex cells


Difference between mitosis and cytokinesis?

Mitosis being the division of the nucleus

Cytokinesis being the division of the rest of the cell (mitochondria, cytoplasm etc..)


Describe the G1 phase

-First stage of interphase
-Lasts 10 hours
Cells prepare for DNA replication (increase in size, production of new organelles, cytoplasm, formation of tRNA and mRNA)


Describe S phase of interphase

-Lasts 9 hours
-DNA replication (semi-conservative)


Describe G2 phase of interphase

Spindle protein formed, mitochondria and chloroplasts (if present), and cellular proteins are synthesised


Name the 4 stages of mitosis in order

1. Prophase
2. Metaphase
3. Anaphase
4. Telophase