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Housekeeping Additional RL 2 Requirement

Document housekeeping BMPs in the SWPPP and REAP in accordance with the nature and phase


Sediment ControlsAdditional RL 2 Requirement

1. Implement E/C in conjunction with S/C for areas under active construction
2. Linear sediment controls- along toe and face of slope- at grade breaks per slope and length
3. Egress inggress only at stabilized locations, maintained
4. Daily inspect immediate access roads, remove sediment and const materials


Linear S/C on slopes

0-25% = 20 feet25-50% = 15 feet> 50% = 10 feet


What water board looks for when looking at RUSLE2

Sediment yield is equal to or less than pre-project


Caution about RUSLE 2 in terms of erosion types

Measures sediment yield from sheet and rill erosion, but does not estimate gully erosion which may be the dominant kind of erosion on the site. Also does not look at mass movement, landslides, or channel erosion.


Another term for sheet erosion

inter-rill erosion


RUSLE2 equation

"RicKLe SCP"
R=Rainfall-runoff erosivity factor
K=Soil Erodibility Factor
L=Slope Length Factor
S=Slope Steepness Factor
C=Cover factor
P=support Practice factor