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Define photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture carbohydrates from raw materials using energy from light


Write the word and chemical equation for photosynthesis

carbon- dioxide + water --- glucose+ oxygen
6CO2 + 6H2O ---- C6H12O6 + 6O2


Brief the fate for glucose.

Plants uses glucose as a energy source for respiration
they can convert glucose into
1. starch for storage
2. lipids for an energy source in seeds
3. cellulose to make cell walls
4. amino acids when combined with N2 and other ions absorbed by roots to make proteins


What is the function of waxy cuticle?

prevents water from evaporating


What is the function of upper epidermis ?

allows light to penetrate to palisade cells


What is the function of palisade mesophyll ?

tightly packed with chloroplasts to absorb sunlight


What is the function of spongy mesophyll ?

contains air spaces that increases the surface area to volume ratio for diffusion of gases


What is the function of guard cells ?

absorbs and loses water to open and close stomata to allow carbon dioxide to diffuse in


What is the function of stomata ?

gas exchange takes place-
opens in the day
closes during night


What is the function of vascular bundle ?

contains xylem and phloem


What is the function of-

xylem- to transport water and minerals
phloem- to transport sucrose and amino acids


Brief adaptations of leaf for photosynthesis

1. large surface area of the leaf- increases area for diffusion of gases and absorption of light
2. Thin- allows diffusion to be short and quick
3. chlorophyll- absorbs light energy needed for photosynthesis
4. networks of veins- allows the transport of water to the cells, and carbohydrates.
5. stomata- allows the diffusion of co2 and o2
6. epidermis is thin and transparent- to allow more light to reach the palisade cells
7. waxy cuticle- to protect the leaf without blocking the sunlight
8. Palisade layer at the top - maximizes the light absorption
9. Spongy layer- air spaces allow diffusion
10. vascular bundles- thick cell walls help to support the stem and leaf.


What is the function of magnesium and what does it deficiency cause?

- needed to make chlorophyll
deficiency- causes yellowing between the veins of leaves


What is the function of nitrate ion and what does it deficiency cause?

- nitrates are a source or nitrogen needed to make amino acids
deficiency- causes stunted growth and yellowing of the leaves