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Single-triat Selection

Selection for one trait


Multiple-Trait Selection

Selection for more than one trait


Aggregate Breeding Value or Net Merit

The breeding value of an individual for a combination of traits


Tandem Selection

Selection first for one trait, then another


Selection trait

A level of breeding value considered optimal in an absolute or practical sense.


Independent Culling Levels

Min. standards for traits undergoing multiple trait selection. Animals failing to meet any one standard are rejected regardless of merit in other traits.


Economic Selection Index

An index or combination of weighting factors and genetic info-- either phenotypic data or genetic predictions-- on more than one trait. Economic selection indexes are used in multiple-trait selection to predict aggregate breeding value.


Breeding objective

A weighted combination of traits defining aggregate breeding value for use in an economic selection index.


Economic weight

The change in aggregate breeding value (the change in profit if that is how aggregate breeding value is measured) due to an independent, one-unit increase in performance in a trait


Phenotypic Selection Index

A form of economic selection index used with phenotypic selection, In the classic form of phenotypic index, the traits in the index are identical to the traits in the breeding objective.


Effective Proportion Saved

In selection- a value that, when substituted for actual proportion saved (p), reflects correct selection intensity.