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Which comment by a woman in her first trimester indicates ambivalent feelings?

I wanted to become pregnant, but I'm scared about being a mother


A client who is 7 months pregnant states, "I'm worried that something will happen to my baby." The nurse's best response is:

Tell me about your concerns


Mimicry refers to observing and copying the behaviors of other mothers. An example might be:

wearing maternity clothes before they are needed.


A step in maternal role attainment that relates to the woman giving up certain aspects of her previous life is termed:

grief work


The maternal task that begins in the first trimester and continues throughout the neonatal period is called:

developing attachment with the baby


Which situation best describes a man "trying on" fathering behaviors

Coaching a Little League baseball team


A 36-year-old divorcee with a successful modeling career finds out that her 18-year-old married daughter is expecting her first child. What is a major factor in determining how the woman will respond to becoming a grandmother

Her age


Which comment by a new mother to her own mother is most likely to encourage the grandmother's participation in the infant's care?

The baby is spitting up a lot. What should I do


The nurse who practices in a prenatal clinic understands that a major concern of lower socioeconomic groups is to:

meet health needs as they occur


What comment by a new mother exhibits understanding of her toddler's response to a new sibling?

My husband is going to stay with the baby so I can take our son to the park tomorrow


While teaching an Asian woman about prenatal care, the nurse notes that the woman refuses to make eye contact. This response is most likely due to:

cultural beliefs about eye contact


As a nurse in labor and delivery, you are caring for a Muslim woman during the active phase of labor. You note that when you touch her, she quickly draws away. You should:

limit touching to a minimum, as this may not be acceptable in her culture


Which woman may require more help and understanding in integrating the newborn into her family?

A multipara (gravida 6) who has two children younger than 3 years


Early pregnancy classes offered in the first and second trimesters cover:

coping with common discomforts of pregnancy.


A gravida 3 para 2 attended childbirth preparation classes with her first pregnancy. She has a second child who was born 5 years ago. Which educational class would be most appropriate for her?

Refresher course


In some Middle Eastern and African cultures, female genital mutilation is a prerequisite for marriage. Women who now live in North America need care from nurses who are knowledgeable about the procedure and comfortable with the abnormal appearance of her genitalia. When caring for this woman, the nurse can formulate a diagnosis with the understanding that the woman may be at risk for:

obstructed labor, laceration, hermorrhage, infection