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"Construction House"
State home for building
No architecture program in the beginning
Non-conventional ciriculum
'Revitalizing influence on design'
Forward thinking faculty
Removed distinction between fine arts and applied arts
Foundation classes
Sans serif typography
Survives until Nazis take power
Metal furniture from this period was most successful
Magazine for the movement


Eric Gill

Graphic Design History
Sculpture and wood cuts
typeface design & lettering
He thought unjustified type was easier to read
Designed roman typeface
Gill Typeface - Gill Sans



International system of typographic pictures
Attempt to improve literacy
Used to help communicate information
Purpose is to inform the public


Herbert Bayer

Bauhaus student, eventually becomes instructor
Hand lettering
5 Principles
1. Sans serif fonts
2. Flush left; rag right
3. Big contrast in type size and weight
4. Bars and rules, squares
5. use of B&W with 1-2 bright hues
"Typography is not self expression, it is a service art"
Rejected roman/traditional typefaces
Said type should be an expression of the time
Universal type in 1925
Said it wasn't necessary to use capitals
Designed a typeface: Bayer Type
Designed currency


Herbert Matter

Swiss designer & photographer
Swiss tourist office designer
Massive contrast in sizes of elements on the page, cropping, enlarging, etc.


Jan Tschichold

Son of lettering and poster artist in Germany
exposed to Bauhaus
2 significant publications outlining the theory & practice of the New Typography
Did not like Bayer's universal typeface
No uppercase letters
Rational thinking, no centered typesetting
Thinks sans serifs should be available in wide range
grid systems
Like photography more than illustration
Later years he moves away from his rules


Walter Groplus

Modernist Architect
Director of Arts & Crafts school - merges with fine arts school and calls it Bauhaus
Wrote Bauhaus manifesto


Wassily Kandinsky

Bauhaus faculty
Inspired by Russian avant garde


Paul Renner

Designed Futura - official typeface of city of Hanover until Nazis took over and banned it
Trained architect
Follows Bauhaus thinking - not part of bauhaus though


Piet Zwart

Dutch Designer
Outside of organized groups
Said the more interesting a letter the more useful
Postcard for a flooring firm
De Stijl elements
Dada Elements
Shot photography
Architect who became a graphic designer


The New Typography

Created by Jan Tschichold
Grid system
Elementary typography
tried to standardize typesetting
Large differences in weight are better