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What may be used as a vector in a gene-cloning experiment?

Plasmid and virus


The restriction enzymes used in gene-cloning experiments ___, which generates sticky ends that can ___.

Cut the DNA, hydrogen bond with complementary sticky ends


What is the proper order of steps in a gene-cloning experiment involving vectors?

- incubate the chromosomal DNA and the vector DNA with a restriction enzyme
- mix the chromosomal DNA and vector DNA together
- add DNA ligase
- introduce the DNA into living cells


The function of reverse transcriptase is to..

Copy RNA into DNA


A collection of recombinant vectors that contain fragments of chromosomal DNA is called..

A genomic library


The action of a restriction enzyme and the production of recombinant DNA.

Prior to the action of DNA ligase, how many hydrogen bonds are holding these two DNA fragments together?



The steps in gene cloning.

Explain the role of the selectable marker gene in this experiment.

In this experiment, the selectable marker gene selects for the growth of bacteria that have taken up a plasmid.


Synthesis of cDNA.

Explain the meaning of the term reverse transcriptase.

Reverse transcriptase refers to the idea that this enzyme catalyzes then opposite of transcription. It uses an RNA template to make DNA, whereas during transcription a DNA template is used to make RNA.